Entomo Insect Biofactories

Gallery Entomo Insect Biofactories 1
Gallery Entomo Insect Biofactories 1
June 2020
Headquarters 30430 Cehegín, Murcia, Spain

Entomo Insect Biofactories - Development of industrial projects for the production of insects for the transformation of organic matter into raw materials with high added value.

Entomo´s core business is the production of high value-added products including chitosan and animal feed from different insects including black soldier fly.

By growing insects in different organic raw materials such as municipal solid waste or organic residues from the agri-food industry and processing them, Entomo generates diverse products with added value such as, chitosan, protein powder, snacks, pet food using insects as biofactories. Thanks to its industrial and business model breakthrough, Entomo can offer chitosan users, high-quality, traceable and EU-sourced chitosan at a price more than 60% lower than competitors. Entomo thrive to establish a new paradigm of perception and desirability by motivating people across the globe to consume insect protein.

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Key features

  • Entomo production of chitosan requires 80% less chemical input than regular production.
  • Entomo production of chitosan requires 95% less energy than regular production.


  • Capable of changing low value-added raw materials that either cost or provided a residual income into high value-added raw materials (protein, fat, chitosan and compost) without the generation of a secondary waste.

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