Gallery ECOAZUR® 1
Gallery ECOAZUR® 1
September 2020
Headquarters Quebec City, QC G3J 1Y7, Canada

ECOAZUR® - Demand-control kitchen ventilation system for professional kitchens

ECOAZUR® offers an innovative Solution to reduce energy consumption and emissions from professional kitchens through intelligent ventilation control.

Professional kitchens require ventilation systems, which can require large amounts of energy to run. ECOAZUR® offers a sustainable solution to this challenge through an intelligent demand control kitchen ventilation system (DCKV) for commercial kitchens. The Solution automatically controls the speed of exhaust and supply fans in commercial kitchens to help them save on energy costs. ECOAZUR® allows energy costs and GHG emissions to be reduced whilst improving the comfort of staff.

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Key features

  • Reduces on average 30 to 50% the volume of unnecessary air outflow compared to mainstream alternative.
  • Consequently, reduces by 30 to 50% the CO2 emissions related to the treatment of replacement air
  • Reduces on average 65 to 75% the fan motor electrical consumption


  • Average 40 to 60 % on energy consumption compared to mainstream alternative
  • Typical payback period ranging from 1.5 to 3 year

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