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Eco Wave Power

Near-shore wave energy capture technology

Generate clean & affordable electricity from ocean and sea waves, with an innovative design allowing it to be attached to existing man-made structures, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Comprised of floaters submerged in the ocean/sea attached to structures such as piers and jetties, Eco Wave Power uses specially designed floaters use buoyancy force, changes in water level and flow, the ‘airlock’ effect, and the vertical movement of waves, to create an efficient energy conversion process. This system serves communities that have less heavy energy requirements and do not have the means for a cumbersome system that could be found further offshore. As such, the capital expenditure requirements are vastly reduced – about 1 million USD per Megawatt installed.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • 100% clean and emission-free
  • More constant than unconventional energy
  • No need for polluting marine vessels for the operation and maintenance


  • No need to build new infrastructures as the solution fits the existing ones.
  • ROI around 5 years, lower capital expenditure than larger offshore solutions
  • Erosion-resistant because only 10% of the system is inside the water.


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Eco Wave Power

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