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Gallery Eco Loop Showers 1
Gallery Eco Loop Showers 1
April 2021
Headquarters 3450 Lillerød, Danmark

Eco Loop Showers - Retrofit showering solution preventing water and energy waste

Currently, 11% of EU territory has a serious water scarcity problem, and our overconsumption of water increases drought frequency by 20–25%. Households and service industries use 12.9% of all EU freshwater, accounting for 144 liters of water per person per day. This is 3 times the basic human water needs. Showering takes 80% of our household hot water and 31% of our total household water consumption – meaning that our showers alone account for 3% of EU energy consumption and 4% of EU freshwater consumption. Within this, we have also seen a doubling of the water used for showering over the past 30yrs. This is wasteful. In addition, this problem is exacerbated when we waste hot water. Flow Loop's Eco Loop Shower is a retrofittable water recirculation shower. Instead of letting all the warm water go to waste down the drain, Eco Loop recovers it from the floor and passes it through the filtration system, before recirculating it to your shower head cleaner than before and with 50% higher flow - while adding just a little bit of warm water to keep the temperature comfortable. This way the Eco Loop Shower enables households to save both water and energy without compromising the comfort of the experience

Key features

  • Water flow is 50% more than the flow of a normal water saving shower head
  • Connected in less than 30 minutes
  • 85% water and 75% energy savings while increasing the flow with 50%
  • Usage: less than 16 liters (2 gal) of water for your 8min shower - compared to 80 liters with a standard shower head
  • Usage: less than 1 kWh for your 8min shower - compared to more that 3 kWh with a standard shower head


  • Household utility bills decrease corresponding up to 85% of water and 75% of energy savings
  • Up to 25% lower purchase costs and 90% lower installation costs than other recirculating showers
  • Return on investment of less than 1700 showers (3 years) vs 6000-7500 shower for competitors

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