Gallery Desolenator 1
Gallery Desolenator 1
April 2020
Headquarters 6222 NL Maastricht, Netherlands

Desolenator - A solar-powered distillation system for sustainable desalination of complex water supplies

Through an integrated system combining optimised distillation, a novel heat exchange mechanism and remineralisation, Desolanetor provide safe, drinking water using only sunshine and seawater.

Today industrial desalination uses 0.4% of the global annual electricity and is on track to be responsible for 5% of global carbon emissions by 2040. Addressing this challenge, Desolenator uses no membranes, chemicals or polluting diesel, unlike traditional technologies. Instead, the patented technology uses the planets most abundant resource – the sun. By harvesting thermal and electrical energy from an integrated PVT panel, Desolenator produces high-quality water, monitored via a control panel. This solution eliminates external energy requirements, aiming to provide drinking water for all at low cost and with low environmental impact.

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Key features

  • Produces 100 times less CO2 per litre than single-use plastic bottled water


  • Produces water at a competitive cost of less than €1/m³
  • No external energy costs

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