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Gallery Data Xplorer 1
Gallery Data Xplorer 1
November 2020
Headquarters Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8, Canada

Data Xplorer - A solar-powered autonomous boat that travels our oceans for months at a time, allowing more affordable, sustainable and safer ocean data collection.

It is expensive, unsustainable and dangerous to research and monitor oceans and marine environments, yet that information is critical to protecting and understanding the ocean as well as the profitability of the $2.5 trillion marine industry. Data Xplorer is a solar-powered ocean drone, also known as an uncrewed surface vehicle (USV). Powered only by the sun, it can travel on the ocean for months at a time collecting ocean and environmental data using its suite of modular sensors. It sends the data back in real-time through secure communication systems and clients can control the USV from anywhere in the world using our user portal. Capable of traveling both in coastal waters and on the open ocean, and with a customizable platform for multiple sensor integration, it offers the ability to understand our oceans in an entirely new way. Utilizing this technology, Open Ocean Robotics provides specific services in seafloor mapping, marine mammal detection and enforcement against illegal fishing.

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Key features

  • Guaranteed 40-hours of non-stop surveying in open waters
  • Capable of traveling autonomously and remotely for up to 1 year using only solar energy
  • 300 watts of solar panels providing sufficient energy to travel into wind and waves at speeds of up to 10 knots
  • 55 million kg of CO2 equivalent saved over a vessel's lifetime (equivalent to planting 27,000 full-grown trees)
  • 99% reduction in GHG emissions compared to mainstream alternatives (crewed ships outfitted with dedicated hydrographic survey equipment)
  • 0% risk of oil spill and 95% reduction in noise pollution -- critical factors for healthy marine ecosystems


  • 90% cheaper than mainstream alternatives
  • Less than 1 year payback time
  • Zero fuel costs

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North america

United States, Canada,

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