Concentrated Solar Thermal Solution

Gallery Concentrated Solar Thermal Solution 1
Gallery Concentrated Solar Thermal Solution 1
December 2020
By Azteq
Headquarters 3600 Genk, Belgium

Concentrated Solar Thermal Solution - A platform to produce green heat for industries and cities

Companies strive to reduce their carbon footprints by introducing renewable energy resource. In order for them to continue to pursue that goal, new renewable alternatives to fossil fuels for industrial processing are needed. With Azteq's CST platform technology, companies can substantially reduce their carbon footprints generated by the mainstream alternative (burning gas). By harvesting the sun's thermal power based on concentrated solar thermal technology, Azteq's expertise helps companies to reach their corporate sustainability goals and ambitions. The CST platform provides high-temperature thermal energy with zero CO2 emission. The parabolic mirrors concentrate solar irradiation on a collector-tube in the focal line, generating temperatures up to 400°C in the collector. The thermal oil running through the collector tube is piped into a heat exchange unit. Depending on the customer application the exchange unit generates steam or heated thermal oil going into the industrial process of the customer. Azteq's business proposition based on a heat-as-a-service model provides a low and stable energy price which is beneficial for stakeholders.

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Key features

  • 10000m² of CST aperture have a capacity of 5MW
  • The parabolic system take 4 times more energy from the sun than a PV system
  • CST platforms generate heath up to 400°C - All components can be recycled (aligned with circular economy principles)
  • Depending on the available direct DNI, the CST platforms reduce CO2 emission by more than 20% - when thermal energy storage is applied, this reduction doubles
  • The CST platorms are extremely durable - the platform that have been build in the Nevada desert still run after 40 years
  • Zero emission impact on the environment during operation - No noise, no smell, no motion, no major disruption of the landscape and no impact on local biodiversity


  • Azteq delivers a heat-as-a-service solution - 0 Euro CAPEX
  • Thanks to its high efficiency, CST platform deliver close to 4 times more energy per m² then PV
  • The payback time for a typical CST installation is around 8 to 10 years.

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