Gallery CH4pa 1
Gallery CH4pa 1
January 2021
Headquarters 1130 Vienna, Austria

CH4pa - A biomethane fuelled modular transportation and working vehicle for farmers, cities and transport companies in emerging markets

The CH4pa ("chapa" means buddy in Portuguese) is a working and transport vehicle for small and medium farmers in developing countries. It combines the features of a tractor and a pickup truck and saves 50% of the fuel costs because it is fuelled with biogas from the farmer´s own residues.

CH4pa is a practical innovation, developed to meet the needs of the Brazilian farmers. and a prototype was built and tested in the province of Paraná in the south of Brazil. The main USPs of CH4pa are: -Low costs with biomethane as a fuel -Modularity and flexibility due to different transportation bodies and 3-point hutch for standard tools -Easy maintenance because a very robust design and standard parts -Energy self-sufficient and environmentally friendly CH4pa is produced by local tractor manufacturers in a licence agreement. The chassis, which is produced from steel plates that are cut, bend and welded does not need high investment costs in machinery.

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Key features

  • 110 HP CNG engine with 4 wheel drive and reduction gear, can drive 60 km/h and also creep for agriculture work
  • Huge transport platform due to the front cab design and a modular car body system for different transport porposes (construction material, hey, liquids,..)
  • 3 point hutch for standard agricultural tools connected to mechanical PTO, with full tractor functionality
  • Can reduce 900.000kg CO2 over the life span of 20 years, using 50m3 of biomethane/day instead of 50l of diesel/gasoline/day
  • Scores with lower CO2, soot and NOx emissions, which makes him a perfect tool for city waste and maintenance purposes
  • Encourages farmer to join the circular business model of biomethane mobility


  • CH4pa saves 61.000€ over the life span of 20 years compared to a cheap Chinese tractor with lower CAPEX because of the 50% lower fuel costs
  • CH4pa is an investment in a vehicle, that can be uses for working and transportation purposes which leads to higher usage and efficiency

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South america


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