Cavity Tray

Gallery Cavity Tray 1
Gallery Cavity Tray 1
March 2021
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Cavity Tray - Building enveloppes improvement using cavity wall insulation

At present, the maximum permitted height, for a continuous cavity to be retrofitted with insulation, is three floors (12M). This is because of potential frost damage, and/or condensation/rain penetration could cross the cavity and make the living space damp if an attempt is made to go higher. The Carbon Cut system overcomes these problems by using its unique design to collect the water and divert it out through the boundary wall thus reducing “bridging” (water transference across the cavity) and the associated damp risk on the internal walls of the cavity, and by reducing frost damage to the outer walls. In addition, the system does not create further cold spots. The system provides a barrier that can close any part of a cavity completely, independent of height. Thus, when used with readily available insulation material, this provides a cost-effective way to achieve an insured insulated wall.

Key features

  • The system is likely to achieve a 35%+ saving on fuel bills and carbon emissions each year
  • Made of recycled plastics
  • Each extra building insulated reduces CO2 by 35%+ = 100 tons


  • Initial cost 5 times lower than External Cladding (1000£ against 5000£ upward)
  • Energy savings of around £350 per flat each year, based on an average energy bill of £1000.

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