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Gallery Box Meteoptim 1
Gallery Box Meteoptim 1
December 2020
Headquarters 13290 Aix-en-Provence, France

Box Meteoptim - An universal and self-learning box to monitor solar installations and optimize self-consumption at home by a smart control of domestic hot water tanks

One of the key issues to for the development of domestic solar energy is intermittency of the production, combined with a variable intra-day price of electricity. Management of the domestic hot water tank is a typical example. Box Meteoptim monitors solar home installations and optimizes self-consumption of locally produced energy. This smart box, connected to your solar installation allows you to 1) check out, day after day, that the solar production is in accordance with the day's weather, and alerts you on your smartphone in the event of a problem; and 2) to control the electric supply of your hot water tank, ensuring that it is maximally heated by the sun, and that your particular needs are fulfilled. Indeed, hot water tank is not only a major home consumption item, it is also the first storage device of each house's energy. Its algorithms use weather forecasts and rely on Artificial Intelligence, making the Solution compatible with solar thermal, photovoltaic or hybrid panels, whatever the manufacturers, and automatically adjust to the family's hot water consumption's habits. Increasing by 30% your self-consumption of solar energy, this easy-to-install box ensures the profitability of your solar investment.

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Key features

  • At least 72% autonomy in producing hot water, compared to an average level of 60% for a well dimensioned solar water heater
  • At least 65% self-consumption of produced electricity, compared to an average level of 50% for a well dimensioned photovoltaic installation
  • Spare of additional 1,2 t CO2 emissions and 150 GJ of primary energy, compared to a standard solar water heater
  • Spare of additional 1 t CO2 emissions and 125 GJ of primary energy, compared to a standard photovoltaic installation in self-consumption


  • Cumulate savings of 2300 € on your electricity invoice, on 20 years, compared to a standard solar water heater
  • Cumulate savings of 3500 € on your electricity invoice, on 20 years, compared to a standard PV installation in self-consumption

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