Bloom Biorenewables

Gallery Bloom Biorenewables 1
Gallery Bloom Biorenewables 1
September 2019
Headquarters 1020 Renens, Switzerland

Bloom Biorenewables - Chemicals production from biomass

Bloom produces chemicals from biomass to make the chemical industry more sustainable.

Bloom isolates two pure biomass fractions, one being the lignin fraction which is efficiently and selectively transformed to bio-based aromatic molecules for flavor and fragrance market. The other is cellulose fraction which is sold to the textile industry to substitute petro-based synthetic fibers. Bloom upgrading process is a disruptive alternative to convert plant material (wood or agricultural side-streams) to cost-competitive building blocks, and thereby an excellent instrument to contribute to the efficient use of resources and promote a circular bio-economy.

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Key features

  • Cheap, simple and green process protected by international patent
  • Valorizes biomass and hence avoids CO2 release
  • Switching from petro-based to Bloom’s bio-based compounds reduces greenhouse gas emission by 97%


  • Cost-competitive
  • Turns biomass wastes from a source of problem to a source of revenue

Activity Region

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Finland, Sweden,

South america


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