Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker

Gallery Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker 1
Gallery Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker 1
February 2021
Headquarters 164 40 Kista, Sverige

Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker - Solid state circuit breakers for software control of electricity and enhanced electrical safety

Over the past century digitalisation has paved the way for new and enhanced services throughout our society but when it comes to electricity, we still rely on a 100-year-old technology with analogue mechanical circuit breakers controlling the electricity flow. Our electricity system has been completely left behind and no longer fit to meet the needs of the modern grid which must plays a much more active role in the energy system. This Solution replaces those ancient products with a new digital solid state circuit breakers, not only enhancing electrical safety and delivering energy savings, but also opening up a new world for software services, such as energy analytics, demand side management, and energy trading. Blixt Solid State Circuit Breaker provides more control and faster breaking than the normal mechanical circuit breaker option. This Solution solid state circuit breaker for software control of electricity opens up huge opportunities to reduce emissions and change the landscape for electricity.

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Key features

  • 1000 times faster breaking than a mechanical circuit breaker.
  • Can reduce CO2 emissions in residential sector by up to 22% by optimising renewable energy consumption
  • Switching to DC in data centers could save 10 TWh of electricity every year


  • More than 50% cheaper than mainstream alternatives (at volume production)

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Germany, France, Sweden,

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