Bit Bait Infinity pesticide

Gallery Bit Bait Infinity pesticide 1
Gallery Bit Bait Infinity pesticide 1
August 2020
Headquarters 30 Route Hassan Benaamane, Bir Mourad Raïs, Algeria

Bit Bait Infinity pesticide - Providing chemical-free protection from pests

Bit Bait has produced an innovative non-toxic pesticide Solution which minimises impact on the local environment.

Pesticides found on the market today are usually toxic and harmful to human health, agriculture, animals and the environment, either when using these pesticides or during the manufacturing process of the products. Bit Bait Infinity are natural pesticides that protect the surrounding environment and reduce risks to human health. On top of this, Bit Bait Infinity also decomposes naturally, acting as a fertiliser for soil after decomposition. The pesticide targets rodents and insects without negatively impacting surrounding water, soil or air, allowing reduces losses without damaging the local environment.

Key features

  • 100% non-toxic ingredients posing no risk to the surrounding environment
  • Zero water used in production
  • Zero waste after use


  • 66% cheaper than mainstream alternatives
  • Acts as a natural fertiliser after use, reducing input costs

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