Biomethane enrichment and storage

Gallery Biomethane enrichment and storage 1
Gallery Biomethane enrichment and storage 1
July 2020
Headquarters Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

Biomethane enrichment and storage - Distributed, low-cost, energy efficient technology to enrich and store biogas

Grassroots Energy's innovative biomethane Solution offers a sustainable energy option for the agricultural sector.

More than ever there is a need for reliable, local and renewable energy solutions for agriculture. In many cases, waste from agricultural activities can be processed into biomethane or 'BioCNG' (enriched from Biogas), a high-quality clean fuel that can be used for cooking, transportation and agricultural machinery to improve the energy access. Grassroots Energy's Solution processes farm and agri waste into a low cost and sustainable biogas fuel. The Solution offers an energy efficient and modular biomethane system which can solve diverse challenges in agriculture. The Solution offers a decentralised, modular CO2 scrubbing system operating at atmospheric pressure and is three times more energy efficient than the mainstream alternative. In addition, the innovative adsorption-based cylinder storage can reduce storage pressure by three times for the same storage mass. This approach leads to reduced investments and operational challenges.

Key features

  • Each module generating biomethane displaces 4500kg CO2 per year
  • No non-renewable resources consumed or used in production
  • Water used in production is recycled


  • Payback period in under 4 years
  • Cost savings of 25-35% compared to mainstream alternative

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