Gallery BactoSense 1
Gallery BactoSense 1
January 2021
Headquarters 1024 Ecublens, Suisse

BactoSense - Automated monitoring of microbial contamination in water with results 70 times faster than traditional methods

The actual situation in terms of microbial contamination detection on drinking water plants is very slow and not reliable. First, the actual method takes 2-3 days to show any abnormal situation, time where population will get sick. Secondly, the actual procedure identify only a small percentage of bacteria (1-5%) as not all bacteria are able to growth on a dry nutrient support. The whole procedure requires 50 gr of plastic of lab consumable. The BactoSense device detects automatically in less than 30 min all bacteria in water directly coming from the process via a single sampling tube. When placed at the entry of the plant, the device acts as an early warning system in case of abnormal microbial conditions. When placed in other locations, process optimization can be generated with potential reductions of chlorine, impacting positively tap water acceptance and bottled water consumption (EU major initiative). On a 10 years basis, 1000 kg of plastic consumption and more than 3 to of CO2 can be avoided.

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Key features

  • 70 times faster than actuals standard method for bacteria detection and monitoring in drinking water plants
  • 7 times less CO2 emission generated by the removal of plastic consumption with the actual method in drinking water plants
  • Provides near real hygienic conditions of production lines in food and beverage plants, reduce risk of out-of-spec product and recall actions
  • No generation of toxic release (HCL, dioxins, heavy metals) during the plastic waste disposal (combustion, landfill, etc)
  • More than 20% water consumption reduction in beverage plants with an on-line bacteria monitoring providing near real time hygienic status


  • Drinking Water: Reduce waterborne illnesses medical, societal costs for the population today about CHF 2500 per day
  • Payback time less than 2 years for beverage - reduces rinsing timing can save up to 20% (3000 m3/month) per plant which means about €40'000 per year or more than 300'000 m3 of water
  • Tap water acceptance may decrease the spending by EU Households for bottled waterfor up to € 600 Mio per (year)

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