Autonom Power Solutions

Gallery Autonom Power Solutions 1
Gallery Autonom Power Solutions 1
January 2021
Headquarters Outremont, QC H3S 2P2, Canada

Autonom Power Solutions - A power backup solution to ensure cellphone and internet connectivity during power outages

Autonom solves the headaches of downtime prevention in the telecom industry. Autonom deployed over 40,000 of its easy to install, long-life and self-testing batteries, facilitating the access to the Internet around the World.

In order to ensure that phone and Internet are always on, telecommunication operators install unreliable uninterruptible power supplies, that need to be tested manually to make sure that they will work when power goes out. Because they are "all-in-one" and engineered for reliability, Autonom Power Solutions simplify the installation and maintenance of telecom companies' power solutions, halving the cost of ownership by doubling longevity of the device (6+ years life), which allows skipping the manual routine checks. This can be done thanks to a synergic combination of chemistry, high-efficiency electronics and cloud monitoring diagnostics that have been optimized for the harsh outdoor environmental conditions faced by telecom equipment. Autonom specializes in DC systems of less than 100W, provides runtimes for up to 24h to network infrastructure, small cells, public WiFi, and surveillance systems. Its solutions are 26% more efficient than mainstream alternatives.

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Key features

  • Product life is extended by 2x
  • Lowers electricity consumption by 26%
  • Lower heavy metal contamination of underground water reserves


  • Labor (install and maintenance) is reduced by 50%
  • Total cost of ownership is reduced by 50%

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