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Batial Mantenimiento de Cisternas

Batial Mantenimiento de Cisternas is dedicated to the inspection and cleaning of drinking water tanks with the use of remotely operated submersible vehicles, avoiding the waste of water and reducing the risk of accidents in these operations.



Batiphoenix develops solutions to turning waste into a resource with this B2B marketplace dedicated to reused building.



We invented a smart charging solutions, which by automating charging process in healthy ranges and controlling the device temperature ensure optimum battery charging, thus preventing reduction of its life in subsequent cycles.


BCJ Controls

We help solar connect to the grid. We supply the grid protection hardware, electrical testing and engineering services.


Be Angels

One of the foremost and most experienced Business Angels network in continental Europe, covers a large part of Belgium



Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Buildings



We help companies and public entities to be more sustainable thanks to Nature and environmental projects creating value



Effective, generic, software-based data centre energy measurement, management and reduction solutions.


Beijing Leo&Sean technology co. LTD


Belle Verte

Since 2014, Belle Verte is a private company operating with less than 10 employees. The Goodwill brought by the provided logical services is in favour of the continuity of the activities. However, the evolution depends on the overseas collaboration and government's support


BEM Controls, LLC

BEM Controls provides an Open-Architecture Platform for monitoring and control of IoT devices, as well as technical expertise and engineering support to develop customized solutions for smart buildings and smart cities.



We develop solar energy projects for homes, companies and industries in EL Salvador. We are a company of young visionaries trying to provide a sustainable future for our country.


Benoo Energies

Benoo Energies is a social business company that aims to promote productive access to energy in West African countries.



Benur is a mobility solution for all people with reduced mobility


BeON energy

BeON energy – Turning the Sun into a House Appliance


Berkeley Labs

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is a Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science lab managed by University of California.


Bernot IT

BERNOT Information Technology is an engineering company developing innovative solutions for city mobility.


Beyond the Sea

The project beyond the sea® aims to develop a specialised kite technology to tow ships.


BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited

BharatRohan is a mission that involves empowering farmers by reducing losses through prediction of pest attacks and disease outbreaks in the crops. We are a team of aeronautical engineers and hyperspectral imaging experts implementing affordable UAVs/Drone, Hyperspectral Imaging, data analytics and machine learning technologies to meet local farm challenges. With our services, farmers can reduce the amount of chemical and fertilisers which would aid in reducing their impact on the environment.



We are a community of designers, makers, prototypers, developers and innovators. We are constantly keeping up with the latest developments in sustainability yet at the same time challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the game. We aim to inspire businesses to think and act sustainably, collaboratively and constructively. Let’s move towards a smarter and more responsible future together.



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Make sure you've read the instructions before using the chat

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