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Zero Pollution Motors

Gasoline is already the fuel of the past. The search is on, but what will the fuel of the future be? Zero Pollution Motors, LLC predicts air compression. Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) is poised to produce the first compressed air-powered car for sale...


ZOLA Electric

ZOLA Electric: smart storage + solar power solutions that deliver clean, affordable, reliable power for anyone, anywhere



Out of love for our planet, we create a livable future for all people with clean energy.



Zoov offers a sustainable e-bike share service. Our objective is to make our cities enjoyable places to live in by offering a sustainable, data-driven and scalable e-bike sharing solution, so that e-bikes become a leading mode of transportation.


ZShips International Community Contribution Company Ltd.

Zero Fuel, Zero Emission Commercial Vessels.


Zyba Ltd.

UK based clean-tech startup harnessing the ocean energy and promoting coral reef conservation.