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APATEQ develops, produces and commercialises sustainable and cost-efficient water treatment solutions based on field-proven membranes filtration technology combined with proprietary process technologies the company masters. Effluent from APATEQ systems is suitable for direct discharge, re-use, irrigation or the support of fresh water supplies.


Apeiron Mobility

All electric cargo moped


Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies (AEST) LTD

Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies (AEST) LTD is woman-led social enterprise that creates livelihood opportunities for women in the cook stove and fuel value chain in Eastern Uganda.The enterprise aims to eradicate over dependence on wood fuel in Uganda by making organic charcoal for cooking from agricultural waste as an alternative to wood fuel among households and institutions in urban and peri urban areas in Eastern Uganda.


Appsilon Enterprise

Appsilon cultivates real diamonds in the lab.


Aqua Valley

Funded by the French government and Regional authorities, Aqua-Valley is a French Competitiveness Water Cluster based in Montpellier.


Aqua-4D Water Solutions

Though a Swiss eco-friendly technology, Aqua4D® brings advanced and sustainable solutions for agriculture



Dealing with water shortage through sustainable solar distillation.


Aquagen Infrastructure Systems, Inc.

We are a planetary restoration company with a focus on the utilization of wastewater as a renewable resource platform.



Specialized in water efficiency in industry. Supplier of solutions to collect and analyse in real-time mass data flows.



Empowering industry to turn waste into profits.


A third way of navigation for the third millenium. Zero Emission Wind Turbine Powered Motorship.


Arela Chemicals

Manufacturer of food grade liquefied carbon dioxide for makers of carbonated beverages in Ghana



Arevo has developed an innovative 3D Printing process for composites industrial-grade (real world use) parts and structures. Our company has driven innovation in the areas of software, material science, and automation/robotics. With the combination of these capabilities, our company can fabricate ultrastrong structures that take advantage of all of the attributes of 3D printing.



Armor is a global market leader in print technologies committed to producing solutions to support energy transition.



ASELUS develops sustainable solutions for the reduction of energy poverty in homes with technology that uses renewable energy, we offer innovative products and services such as the installation of photovoltaic systems interconnected to the grid, isolated systems, solar pumping.


Association la Voûte Nubienne

The Nubian Vault Association (Association la Voûte Nubienne, AVN) is a French non-profit with the mission to enable access to decent, affordable and sustainable housing in West Africa.



Atawey makes the zero emission mobility possible with a dedicated electric and hydrogen refueling infrastructure


Ather Energy

Ather Energy is an Indian electric vehicle company, designing and building intelligent electric scooters.


Atoll Energy

Atoll Energy engineers and builds high efficiency combined heat and power plant under islanded operations


Atomberg Technologies

Super efficient ceiling fan. Consuming only 28Watts, it reduces power consumption by 65% and saves $15-25$/year/fan



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