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Ekasi Energy

Ekasi Energy is innovating the way biomass fuel is used for domestic cooking / heating solutions in developing markets.



"More that just waste"- Dry unisex urinate toliets, Liquid waste and nutrient recovery to,Bio-Friendly Fertilizer. #Savewater #Peecycling #Foodsecurity



MySmartFarm is a data management and services company that simplifies technologies for farmers, who are frustrated with the collection and interpretation of information from multiple sources. We automatically collect all kinds of data and aggregate it with easy to use farm management tools’ data, in order to present usable information, advice and predictions for each field on easy to use dashboards and mobile Apps.


Pennine Energy Innovation

Pennine Energy Innovation is a 51% black-owned company that is committed to alternative energy, water and sanitation - committed to making a real difference in the lives of people - to address environmental concerns with innovative products and solutions in the emerging ‘alternative energy and environment’ sector. Pennine Energy Innovation has developed a patented waterless toilet called SavvyLoo.



SolarTurtle is a renewable energy company focusing on secure solar hubs for off-grid businesses. Each solar hub serves as an energy platform from which a small business or similar can be operated - An ideal solution for mobile offices, branches, clinics etc. in remote areas.


Technological Plumbing Solutions

TPS offers smart water and waste water technologies that remotely act as a preventive pollution and water loss.