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Icma San Giorgio SpA

ICMA is an innovative company in plant extrusion manufacturing focussed on green technologies like plastic recycling

Website: icmasg.it


I-FEVS develops solutions for advanced electromobility. The company owns a large patent portfolio and is in commercial agreement with major Automotive Players.

Website: ifevs.com


Research project in the field of Airborne Wind Energy (AWE). Our aim: take a different approach to the AWE technology

Website: ghiprog.it

KiteGen srl

KiteGen a company that holds the intellectual property and the knowledge of two concepts aiming to exploit High Winds.

Website: kitegen.com


Manufacturing of connecting fittings for RTA furniture

Website: mauri-fm.it

Mogu S.r.l.

At MOGU we change the way things are traditionally made, by partnering with our surrounding life-systems. We believe that natural materials, grown by means of microbial action, hold the promise for the creation of a near future where human activities are not in conflict with the rhythm of the larger ecosystem. On the contrary, we envision a future where humans and microorganisms cooperate for the creation of goods and systems, in a mutually beneficial way. MOGU has developed technologies and systems allowing to turn fungal mycelium and organic waste products into natural alternatives to a range of traditional materials and products, whose synthetic nature or production processes are highly harmful. MOGU materials and products are the result of natural processes which fully rely on growth and cultivation, resulting in 100% renewable, recyclable and compostable outcomes, without compromising performance.

Website: mogu.bio

Novamont S.p.A.

We promote the development of a bioeconomy model based on efficient use of resources and on regeneration of local areas

Website: novamont.com


OffgridSun is an Italian company specialised in providing off-grid solar solutions for acess to electricity.

Website: offgridsun.com


OrtiAlti transforms flat roofs into green roofs cultivated, new urban places, that improves quality of life in the city

Website: ortialti.com

Pielleitalia srl

Great innovations with environmental consciousness.

Website: pielleitalia.com

Politecnico di Torino

Politecnico di Torino is Italy’s oldest technical university (1859). It offers courses in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design.

Website: polito.it

Pozzi Leopoldo Srl

POZZI: a long history of expertise and professional service towards innovative and sustainable technologies.

Website: pozzi.it


Recyclinnova is mainly based on the innovative recycling technologies to develop and design.

Website: www.recyclinnova.com


Revotree helps farmers to save up to 50% of water and time thanks to self-powered and easy to use IoT, data and AI

Website: http://revotree.it/en/invest


All in one solar and roofing: a building element (for roof covering, sun shading) + an energy generation component fully customizable that looks like a typical roof.

Website: https://www.solarteg.it/en


Nature variability reduces renewable energy efficiency. The solution is always adapting to change: Windcity.

Website: windcity.it


We are an Italian Smart Mobility early-stage start-up. Our mission is to free cities from traffic and pollution through connected and shared vehicles.

Website: zemove.it