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BCJ Controls

We help solar connect to the grid. We supply the grid protection hardware, electrical testing and engineering services.


International Young Professionals Foundation

A global community of young leaders from diverse professional backgrounds together for sustainable grassroots impact.


Licella Pty Ltd

Licella is an Australian technology company that has over the past 10 years pioneered the use of Hydrothermal Liquefaction and developed its technology to run a variety of waste or low value feedstocks including non recyclable plastics that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated and woody wastes from pulp, paper and saw mills. We have formed two JV companies with international partners to commercialise our technology see the video on the our story tab on our website. 



Passion provides the 'why' and drives activity. How the 'why 'is implemented assures outcomes. Today we urgently need systems, policy and enterprise that scales and changes our current path. ProductWise champions positive change-makers.


Rytech Australia Pty Ltd

Rytech designs & advocates for new technology, its application for sustainability & the transition to 100% clean energy


Sustainable Research Vessel

Sustainable Research Vessel is an Eco-friendly Research Vessel that will enable scientists to explore, discover, study, and protect the ocean's biodiversity in the most respectful way.