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Switch Automation

Switch Automation creates technology to bring people and planet to the center of building operations.

Website: switchautomation.com

TBM Designs

Developing beautiful self-shading window systems using smart materials that can function without using any energy to save energy for individuals and commercial buildings.

Website: tbm-designs.com


The management and safe control of the water lily is promoted; In addition, alternatives are shared to produce products

Website: prodigy.net.mx

Tersus Solutions

Sustainable laundry solutions provider

Website: tersussolutions.com

The Good Food Institute

Creating a healthy, humane and sustainable food supply.

Website: www.gfi.org


A leading IoT tech company, providing easy-to-use energy efficiency solutions for utilities, enterprises, and homes.

Website: thinkecoinc.com

Tiburon Ventures, LLC

Tiburon Ventures, LLC is a boutique land development firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Website: tiburonventures.com

Transcend Air

Transcend Air is a group of experienced aerospace executives, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are developing a superior aircraft and reimagining city-city air mobility, unmatched in competitiveness, with substantial advantages in time savings, cost-effectiveness, and safety

Website: Transcend.Aero

Transmagnetics Inc

We were conceived as a catalyst to bring hi efficiency motor technologies to all-electric motor applications. We were among the 1st motor companies that were successful in bringing the cost of high-efficiency technologies to the level of older conventional motor technologies which has assisted in their recent rapid expansion. With 30-40 percent efficiency improvements, electric motors can have one the largest benefits to CO2 reductions as they make up the largest share of the industrial energy consumption. We aim to make all of the knowledge in design and manufacturing of improved motor technology freely available all who might benefit.

Website: transmag.com

Transparent Path

Transparent Path is focused on reducing risk and waste in the food industry by providing real-time visibility for food.

Website: transparentpath.com

Trevi Systems

Trevi Systems has developed a novel thermally driven Forward Osmosis desalination system that has undergone rigorous testing in several Arabian Gulf countries and is now poised to become the largest FO installation in the world.

Website: trevisystems.com


The TRMTAB collections combine clever design, quality and pride through the hands of factory craftspeople. We collaborate with factories to create unconventional, thoughtful ways of making.

Website: trmtab.com


With Trolysis, reducing your carbon footprint and your energy costs are no longer mutually exclusive.

Website: trolysis.com

TylerCo, Inc.

TylerCo Inc. has developed a proprietary lighting system that reduces kWt energy consumption by up to 97% without sacrificing illumination. Our product utilizes LED technology uniquely, with enough versatility that broad areas of application are possible, even areas where lighting of any sort was impossible.

Website: tylercoinc.com

Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiqiutous Energy has developed ClearView Power, a truly transparent solar technology, which can be coated onto glass to create transparent and aestheticaly pleasing windows which generate clean, renewable energy.

Website: ubiquitous.energy


Ujet Group is a high-tech company offering a new generation of urban mobility solutions for better cities.

Website: www.ujet.com


Untapped: Unlock the Potential of the Next Billion

Website: http://www.untapped-inc.com

Verdigris Technologies, Inc.

Verdigris is a responsive energy intelligence platform for commercial and industrial buildings.

Website: verdigris.co

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Through experiential learning, future-focused research, and an inclusive, spirited culture, Virginia Tech strives to accomplish the charge of its motto Ut Prosim (That I May Serve).

Website: vt.edu

Vittoria Energy Expedition

Exploring energy innovation, distant lands, on our 31' solar-battery boat

Website: vittoriaenergy.org