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SAF Systems

Sells a unique exterior wall paneling system to the North American market for eco-friendly high-performance buildings

Website: saf-usa.com


Sanivation is addressing two major development challenges – access to sustainable energy and safely managed sanitation.

Website: sanivation.com

Save the Water

Save the Water™ (STW™) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the world water crisis.

Website: savethewater.org


Schlumberger's approach to sustainability is rooted in an active, long-standing culture of global social and environmental stewardship.

Website: slb.com


Semtive is an energy company with the mission of democratizing the access to energy through affordable and reliable clean sources.

Website: semtive.com


Sep-All takes the best out of wastes

Website: sep-all.com

Skuld LLC

We help you make green technology and designs that haven't been possible before using new processes and materials.

Website: skuldllc.com

Sol Mobil LLC

An electric vehicle company, located in the USA, that manufactures custom solar charged electric bikes.

Website: sol-mobil.com


SolaBlock is a pioneer in Vertical Solar, creating products to harness solar energy from building walls.

Website: solablock.com

Solar Regatta

A Solar Powered Boat

Website: scu.edu

SolarCanopy LLC

Leading edge photovoltaic parking structures

Website: solarcanopyllc.com


Pioneering Earth's built environment using the Sun's Energy to power a future today for tomorrow and beyond...

Website: solarpark.us

Solidia Technologies

Combined Solidia's cement & concrete reduces the carbon footprint of concrete up to 70%, fuel consumption by 30% & water use up to 80%.

Website: solidiatech.com


Solstice radically expands access to clean energy through community solar.

Website: http://solstice.us


Design and manufacture of a wide range of elite-quality, highly-efficient, excellent-value solar lights. 

Website: soltechlighting.com

Spidey Tek

Spider Silk. Spidey Tek is a biotech company dedicated to the mass production of the strongest material known to man.

Website: spideytek.com

Spira4u Co

The Spira team hopes foam will revolutionize autos and motorcycles

Website: spira4u.com

Starfire Energy Llc

Starfire Energy is dedicated to making sustainable energy a reality.

Website: starfireenergy.com

Streaming Museum

STREAMING MUSEUM produces and presents exhibitions and programs of art and world affairs. Since 2008 they have reached millions on 7 continents in public spaces, at cultural and commercial centers, and streamingmuseum.org.

Website: streamingmuseum.org

Sun Ra, LLC dba Sunreps

Sunreps is, John Wabel and attorney Hal Levi. Established in 2011 Sunreps has tested, demonstrated, sold and installed fabric transpired solar collectors in both the agricultural sector and commercial buildings. Solar space heating is Sunreps sector. Currently our solar collectors are pre-heating fresh air for commercial rooftop heating and air conditioning units and poultry broiler barns.

Website: sunreps.com