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Rich Detail, LLC

Rich Detail offers eco-friendly mobile auto detailing by using a waterless wash and committing to the use of non-harmful chemicals. We donate 10% of our profits to environmentally focused charities, and volunteer monthly at local charities.

Website: richdetail.com


Robomart, Inc. has created the world's first self-driving grocery store.

Website: robomart.co


The World’s First Personalised Water Ecosystem

Website: rocean.io


Sabreez is essentially the Weather Channel for Energy.

Website: sabreez.com

SAF Systems

Sells a unique exterior wall paneling system to the North American market for eco-friendly high-performance buildings

Website: saf-usa.com


Sanivation is addressing two major development challenges – access to sustainable energy and safely managed sanitation.

Website: sanivation.com

Save the Water

Save the Water™ (STW™) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the world water crisis.

Website: savethewater.org


Schlumberger's approach to sustainability is rooted in an active, long-standing culture of global social and environmental stewardship.

Website: slb.com


Semtive is an energy company with the mission of democratizing the access to energy through affordable and reliable clean sources.

Website: semtive.com


Sep-All takes the best out of wastes

Website: sep-all.com

Skuld LLC

We help you make green technology and designs that haven't been possible before using new processes and materials.

Website: skuldllc.com

Sol Mobil LLC

An electric vehicle company, located in the USA, that manufactures custom solar charged electric bikes.

Website: sol-mobil.com


SolaBlock is a pioneer in Vertical Solar, creating products to harness solar energy from building walls.

Website: solablock.com

Solar Regatta

A Solar Powered Boat

Website: scu.edu

Solar Sal, Sustainable Energy Systems, Inc.

We make practical solar electric marine propulsion solutions. 100% solar powered electric boats to 44 feet commercial USCG Certified tour boats, launches and experimental craft.

Website: http://solarsal.solar

SolarCanopy LLC

Leading edge photovoltaic parking structures

Website: solarcanopyllc.com


Pioneering Earth's built environment using the Sun's Energy to power a future today for tomorrow and beyond...

Website: solarpark.us

Solidia Technologies

Combined Solidia's cement & concrete reduces the carbon footprint of concrete up to 70%, fuel consumption by 30% & water use up to 80%.

Website: solidiatech.com


Solstice radically expands access to clean energy through community solar.

Website: http://solstice.us


Design and manufacture of a wide range of elite-quality, highly-efficient, excellent-value solar lights. 

Website: soltechlighting.com