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mOasis Inc.

mOasis allows farmers to increase yields, quality & uniformity while using less water and other crop inputs.

Website: moasisgel.com


Dedicated to developing material modeling software to accelerate the adoption of composites in the transportation industries.

Website: multimechanics.com

Nanoarchitech Inc

We are a global supplier of green nanocomposites for resilience to fire, water and toxins for better health and safety.

Website: nanoarchitech.com

Nanoptek Corp. dba LightFuel Co.

LightFuel's photoanode technology enables sunlight to produce hydrogen from water with less or even no electricity.

Website: nanoptek.com

Nohms Technologies

Established in 2011, NOHMs Technologies, Inc. is located in Eastman Business Park in Rochester, New York, and backed by Silicon Valley venture capital. NOHMs is partnered with leading automotive, battery, and chemical manufacturing companies to develop and integrate custom electrolyte solutions for automotive, electricity utility storage, and mobile devices.

Website: nohms.com

Nova Luxe Yacht Company

Our overarching goal is to eliminate CO2 emissions from the marine industry.

Website: novaluxeyachts.com

Ocean Renewable Power Co.

ORPC develops marine renewable energy technology and project development solutions.

Website: orpc.co


Oceanworks® creates tangible solutions for the global problem of ocean plastic. We source, design and manufacture ocean plastic into finished goods, consumer products and components for major global brands.

Website: oceanworksinc.com

Off The Grid Design / Sol Lux Alpha

Off the Grid Design is a Sustainable Design/Build firm specializing in Net+Energy Nanogrid and Microgrid development.

Website: solluxalpha.com

Okeanos Foundation for the Sea

Implements traditionally based sustainable sea transportation to ensure independence, cultural revival and ocean stewardship

Website: okeanos-foundation.org


Provides technical solutions for environmental issues through next generation water treatment technologies.

Website: onvectorllc.com

Operant Networks

We have long careers building technology at companies like HP & Agilent as well was background in energy start-ups.

Website: operantnetworks.com


The ParkWise Intelligent Parking Platform solves the street parking problem for drivers, connected/autonomous vehicles.

Website: parkwise.mobi

Phytonix Corporation

Phytonix produces industrial chemicals in an environmentally sustainable manner via photosynthesis, CO2, and water.

Website: phytonix.com

Pick My Solar

Online solar marketplace which assists homeowners in adding solar and energy storage to their property.

Website: pickmysolar.com

Plastic2Power USA Inc

We are a seasoned start-up that has designed and developed a new global solution to address the plastic waste issues

Website: plastic2power.com

Platform Anthropocene Inc.

Platform Anthropocene proposes to understand and plan human-Earth interaction with a broad-base approach, merging perspectives from Academia, Economy, Society and Technology.

Website: planthro.org

PolyCycl Private Limited

PolyCycl’s technology converts waste plastics to high economic value petroleum fuels similar to industrial diesel.

Website: ventanacleantech.com

Positive Homes USA

Positive homes offers scalable structures that are easy to setup and focus towards Zero-Net Energy.

Website: positivehomesusa.com

Possible Planet / CRCS

We're a nonprofit organisation focused on clean energy and climate solutions.

Website: possibleplanet.org