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Construction is about to experience the biggest standalone efficiency gain since the invention of the circular saw.

Website: theprocessrevolution.com


Produces USB and 12V charging power for phones, laptops, cars, radios and more, from the natural energy of sun, flowing water, and heat.

Website: hydrobee.com

Hydrogen Technologies Inc

HTI has patented a revolutionary method for burning hydrogen and oxygen in a vacuum chamber to create heat and water with no greenhouse gases.

Website: hydrogentechnologiesinc.com


Founded in 2015 at Singularity University, Hypercubes is a startup based in the premises of NASA Ames Research Park, building the next generation of Earth observation satellites enabled by artificial intelligence.

Website: hypercubes.global

Independent Energy Corporation

Generator tech based on a new aspect of physics; the ability to convert the effects of g-force into kinetic motion

Website: independentenergyllc.com

Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.

Infinity designs, builds and delivers fuel cell and hydrogen generation systems with a focus on flight.

Website: infinityfuel.com


We developed a new technology to upgrade the windows of buildings to become energy-efficient & smart without replacement

Website: inovues.com

Intellecy Inc.

Intellecy is the producer of the Intellecy BluView, the Smart Water Manager with Water Leak Protection.

Website: intellecy.com

Intelli-Products Inc.

Solving Climate Change with Technological Innovations in Solar PV and Geothermal Heat Pumps.

Website: intelli-products.com

Intelligent Coatings Professionals, LLC

We seek innovators and suppliers to bring ecologically, sustainable coatings products to increase energy efficiency.

Website: intelligentcoatingsprofessionals.com

Ivys Inc.

Our vision is a sustainable world mobilized by clean hydrogen energy.

Website: www.ivysinc.com


LanzaTech is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about waste carbon by treating it as an opportunity instead of a liability.

Website: lanzatech.com

Limitless Energy LLC

"SOLAR SMART" We give our customers direct distributor discounts. No hidden fees or charges.

Website: limitlessenergy.solutions

Lingrove, Inc.

Lingrove is a new material startup specializing in high-performance and eco-friendly natural fiber composites.

Website: lingrove.com

Litterati, LLC

Litterati is an environmental intelligence company on a mission to eradicate litter. Our technology empowers individuals and groups to “crowdsource-clean” the planet, then analyzes what they’ve collected.

Website: litterati.org

Living Ink

Biomaterials and printing company combining old school printing with new school Algae Ink for a perfect combination

Website: livingink.co

Magnomer, LLC

Magnomer uses magnetic markers to design plastic packaging for zero waste

Website: magnomer.com

Mallard Design Company

Permanent magnet motor design an energy technology ignored for over a century, and a building methodwith R-43 rating.

Website: mallard-design.com

Mana Pacific Inc

Mana Pacific's objective is to facilitate a critical mass event to kick off the movement to address the climate crisis!

Website: manapacific.com

Minerva Kingdom Org.

A multi mission "Electric Vehicle/Wind Turbine/Power Storage" device is the only solution to climate change.

Website: MinervaKingdom.Org