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Efficiency for Everyone

E4E is the creator of the Shift Model, an innovative approach to expand access to energy efficiency and renewables

Website: efficiencyforeveryone.com

ElectronAir* LLC

Offering an innovative solution to extend the range of an electrically powered aircraft.

Website: electronair.com

Elroy Air

We build autonomous aircraft systems to deliver goods to the world’s most remote places.

Website: elroyair.com

Emrgy, Inc

Emrgy empowers our customers to generate on-site, clean and reliable energy from water already flowing through their system. Our robust, compact turbines can simply be placed into existing waterways to greatly offset power expenditures by generating at a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of $0.03-0.05/kWh.

Website: www.emrgy.com

EnergSoft, Inc.

DATA ANALYSIS SOFTWARE Enables clean-tech research and improves the environment. Provides potent battery data visualization, AI and analytics.

Website: https://energsoft.com


The easiest way to go solar! Installers compete for your business to give you more options and the best deal. Free instant solar estimate. For homes, businesses & non-profits.

Website: energysage.com

Enervee Corporation

Enervee’s mission is to make it simple and second nature for consumers to make energy-smart buying decisions.

Website: enervee.com

enVerde LLC

enVerde economically repurposes carbon-containing waste into clean, sustainable energy and chemicals.

Website: enverdellc.com


Our mission is to provide cookstoves for people around the world. If you're interested in clean energy initiatives or social impact investing contact us!

Website: envirofit.org

Enzinc Inc

EnZinc Inc develops green-tech energy storage solutions based on zinc. The Company caters to the transportation and micro-grid/distributed grid sectors.

Website: enzinc.com

Epic CleanTec

Epic’s patented on-site system processes a building’s wastewater, producing a high quality, endlessly renewable, and carbon-rich soil that can be used in and around cities.

Website: epiccleantec.com


Extraordinary Startups that Ordinary People could benefit from.

Website: euphoriainlife.com

EV Connect

EV Connect Inc. provides turn-key electric vehicle (EV) charging programs for businesses and governmental organisations

Website: evconnect.com


Unlock more EV charging options

Website: evmatch.com

Farm One

Specialty farms of the future

Website: farm.one


Benefits of a helicopter at the price of operating a van

Website: flug-auto.com


Committed to improving the quality of life through a new way of building sustainable and affordable housing in communities across the economic spectrum.

Website: http://fluxus-prefab.com

Forge Nano

We are an end-to-end material solutions provider in the area of precision nano-coatings though atomic layer deposition (ALD). We provide R&D services, toll manufacturing, and lab and commercial-scale equipment for ALD nano-coatings. We have pioneered scalable, high-volume particle ALD, taking it out of the lab and bring it to commercial-scale.

Website: forgenano.com


small-scale WTE solution, anchored by proprietary small-scale combustor, to create 100% powered, waste-free small cities

Website: frontlinewaste.com

Giga Solar, Inc.

Giga Solar is an engineering and technology focused company working on innovative solar PV product solutions.

Website: http://www.gigasolarpv.com