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Cleantech Rising

is a 501c3 non-profit with the purpose of getting people excited, educated, and involved with clean technologies.

Website: cleantechrising.com

ClearValue Energy Inc.

ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy aims to provide clean energy, transportation, pure water and nutrients for the world, using a value-added, closed-loop, zero/negative carbon system.

Website: clearvalue.com


The Climate Foundation  is dedicated to educating and empowering people to halt global warming in our lifetime.

Website: climatefoundation.org


After skiing 2 months to the South Pole on renewable energy at the beginning of 2018, Barney Swan launched ClimateForce as a participative mission to reduce 360 million tonnes of C02 before the year 2025.

Website: ClimateForce.com

ConnectMyEV Inc.

ConnectMyEV is a Silicon Valley-based company specialising in robotics for Electric Vehicles (EV) charging.

Website: connectmyev.com

Cortex Composites

Cortex Composites, Inc. provides cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable material solutions for commercial and public construction markets.

Website: cortexcomposites.com

Crocus Energy

Crocus Energy is developing the next generation of AI and IoT industrial software solutions – using energy data to optimize and transform industrial operations.

Website: crocusenergy.com

CT Innovatum

We are the Bloomberg Terminal for cleantech.

Website: innovationcleantech.com

De Young Properties

De Young Properties is a Zero Energy SmartHome building company headquartered in Central California.

Website: deyoungproperties.com


Deywoss One llc is developing disruptive technologies for Space in the sectors: Energy Launcher Disaster Risk Reduction

Website: www.deywoss-one.com


We clean water by the Sun.

Website: dotect.com

EarthSpark International

EarthSpark International's mission: eradicate energy poverty.

Website: earthsparkinternational.org

Eco Culture Manufacturing

Eco Culture Manufacturing (ECM) started in Palm Springs California as the first domestic carbon neutral garment and accessories factory.

Website: ecoculturemanufacturing.com

Eco Energy International, LLC

Eco H2® is pure renewable hydrogen produced directly from any organic material such as municipal waste with no emissions

Website: ecoenergyinternational.com

EcoFaire International, Inc.

EcoFaire® is a Private Community ALL Participation Is Backed By HARD ASSETS For 130% Of The Placement*

Website: http://www.EcoFaireEnterprises.com

Ecofuel Technologies Inc

Develops practical and profitable solutions to transform waste to energy. In particular, waste plastic to fuel - diesel and gasoline that can be used 'as is'.

Website: ecofueltechnologies.com


Giving single use plastics new life, and creating better outcomes for communities and commerce.

Website: ekomats.com

Ecostrate SFS Inc.

EcoStrate transforms a variety of local and global post consumer waste materials to create premium quality, longer-lasting, safer and cost effective composite substrates and building products. EcoStrate products reduce waste, use fewer natural resources

Website: ecostrate.net

Ecosustineri Technology

EcoSustineri provides Sustainable Commerce, Authenticated Products, and Block Chain

Website: ecosustineri.com

Efficiency for Everyone

E4E is the creator of the Shift Model, an innovative approach to expand access to energy efficiency and renewables

Website: efficiencyforeveryone.com