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At BioLite, we develop breakthrough clean energy technologies and deliver them through a market-based approach, empowering people to power themselves.

Website: bioliteenergy.com

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Cool Energy, Inc.

Powering a Clean Tomorrow: Cool Energy makes the 25kW ThermoHeart Engine, converting wasted heat into clean electricity.

Website: coolenergy.com

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Drylet, LLC

Drylet LLC operates as a biotechnology company in the USA, Europe and China. The company offers products for waste bioremediation in wastewater treatment, livestock production, food processing, oil & gas primarily.

Website: drylet.com

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Ecolotec Ltd

Water economy, Pollution reduction, Energy economy,

Website: https://ecolotec.com

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Electric Motor Werks, Inc.

JuiceBox residential and commercial EV charging stations ensure affordable and reliable charging for your electric vehicle. Charge clean. Charge wise. Our Smart[Grid] charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make your EV charging greener and cheaper.

Website: emotorwerks.com

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Fenix Intl

Fenix produces game-changing power generation, smart storage and application solutions.

Website: fenixintl.com

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NuLeaf Tech Inc.

Easy to use bioinspired water solutions for a healthier world.

Website: http://nuleaftech.com

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We bring solar power and clean water to anyone, anywhere.

Website: http://www.offgridbox.com

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Solatube International manufactures and markets tubular daylighting devices for residential and commercial applications.

Website: solatube.com

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Solidia Technologies

Combined Solidia's cement & concrete reduces the carbon footprint of concrete up to 70%, fuel consumption by 30% & water use up to 80%.

Website: solidiatech.com


AbleWatts has created a mobile, cloud-based Personal Energy Advisor for retail consumers that incorporates comprehensive analytical tools for energy decision-making and seamless e-commerce solutions. We are empowering users to make the kind of informed energy decisions that lead to better economic and environmental outcomes. Ultimately, we want our users to have a sense of “Peace of Mind” when it comes to their energy solution.

Website: ablewatts.com

Admiral Fluidics

Laminar discharge ship propellers that dramatically reduce fuel use targeting the commercial ship market with a 5, 2, and .8 mega watt equivalent models.

Website: Admiralfluidics.com

Ageto Energy

To accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by simplifying the integration with a bespoke microgrid control solution.

Website: agetoenergy.com

Agroecology Capital

Agroecology Capital is a Venture Capital firm focused on early stage AgTech investments.

Website: agroecology.io


Builds electric powertrain systems for semi-trucks.

Website: sunairfuel.com


All Solar International, Inc was founded in 2012 to research alternate materials for solar panels in order reduce installed cost and thereby delivered power cost. We manufactured test models and the tests showed promising results to reduce weight and cost with comparable performance results to conventional glass top solar panels.



Ampaire is transforming air travel to 100% electric

Website: ampaire.com

ANTI Agency

Post - advertising brand agency in the sustainability & social impact sector. The missing puzzle piece.

Website: theantiagency.org

Aquagen Infrastructure Systems, Inc.

We are a planetary restoration company with a focus on the utilization of wastewater as a renewable resource platform.

Website: aquagen-isi.ws

Architekon, LLC

Design build development company.

Website: architekon.com