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Feonic Ltd

Specialises in developing and miniaturisation powerful smart-material products and has been producing and selling a range of maintenance free, solid-state audio devices for over ten years under world-wide patent protection.

Website: feonic.com

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Kelda Technology

Pioneers of water in air shower systems that save 50% in water and water heating.

Website: keldatechnology.com

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Every building, no matter how old, can become a smart building that actively looks after your heath and the environment.

Website: lightfi.io

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Recycling Technologies Ltd

Recycling Technologies has developed a modular machine to recycle waste plastic in a commercially attractive way.

Website: rtech.co.uk

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SEaB Energy

On-site containerised energy from waste containerised energy from waste

Website: http://seabenergy.com

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Winnow Solutions

Shine a light on food waste in your kitchen

Website: http://www.winnowsolutions.com

AC Biode

We will develop the first-ever standalone AC battery by "Biode"

Website: acbiode.com


AgriProtein is a world-leading nutrient upcycling company that uses insect technology to produce sustainable protein.

Website: agriprotein.com

ALP Technologies LTD.

Alp is an engineering start-up focused on developing renewable energy technologies for the low-income countries.

Website: alp-technologies.com

Aurelius Environmental

Our aim: to revolutionise recycling. Our vision: a web of industry where one stream's waste is another stream's in-feed

Website: aureliustechnology.com


Azuri is a leading commercial provider of pay-as-you-go (PayGo) solar home systems for rural off-grid homes.

Website: azuri-technologies.com


Our project develops technology for affordable water mobility managed by AI for coastal and maritime tourism using just renewable energy.

Website: barge.tech

Biofuel Evolution

Biofuel Evolution Ltd is a cleantech, smart energy start-up built on the blockchain

Website: biofuelevolution.com

Brill Power

Revolutionizing energy storage. Brill Power is a clean-tech start-up that makes lithium ion batteries more reliable and sustainable.

Website: brillpower.com

Build Solar

BUILD SOLAR aims to convert traditional building construction materials into energy generators using PV technology

Website: buildsolar.co.uk

Cambridge Carbon Capture

Based in Cambridge UK, we are developing a novel and potentially profitable means of permanently capturing CO2.

Website: cacaca.co.uk

CCm Technologies Limited

CCm Technologies is an environmental technology company based near Oxford, United Kingdom focused on resource optimisation, including Carbon Capture and Utilisation.

Website: ccmtechnologies.co.uk

Chrysalix Technologies

We enable the conversion of unwanted waste wood into sustainable chemicals, materials and fuels.

Website: chrysalixtechnologies.com


Cirkel is a zero waste home textiles company.

Website: cirkel.co

Climate Edge

There is an ever growing demand for agricultural products. However, extrinsic pressures are increasingly limiting the security of supply. Climate Edge works with key stakeholders, from farmers to insurer to traders to help build a strong and resilient system for all.

Website: climate-edge.com