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A global water tech company providing key solutions to help solve global water stress. Let's redefine water saving.

Website: alteredcompany.com

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ECOLOO Group is a leading GREEN innovation company. We develop, build and market unique & patented innovations and environmental solutions.

Website: ecoloo.eu

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Meva Energy

From biomass to low cost industrial gas or power

Website: mevaenergy.com

APR Technologies

APR Technologies is a global supplier of leading edge products for thermal management on spacecrafts, airplanes and automotive systems.

Website: aprtec.com

Clean Bio Heat

Offers a solution for profitable flue gas cleaning for small bio-fuelled boilers.

Website: fgrs.se

Cortus Energy

Renewable energy gas solutions for power, industry and transport applications based upon the patented WoodRoll-process

Website: cortusenergy.com

Design Greenhouse

Design Greenhouse is a network of collaborators for design and research of energy efficient solutions

Website: jidoka.se


Exeger seamlessly enhances your products through effortless and endless power from all forms of light around you.

Website: exeger.com

Luleå University of Technology

Luleå University Technology is conducting high value research and undertaking industrial RDI projects.

Website: www.ltu.se


Equipment supplier for light-weight and flexible CIGS solar cell and panel manufacturing.

Website: midsummer.se

Moving Floor

Moving Floor are innovators and pioneers within the field of automatic cleaning for farm animals.

Website: movingfloor.se

Nordpeak Consulting


Website: nordpeak.com


We aim at delivering sustainable mobility for the next generation.

Website: www.oceanskycruises.com

Orbital System

The world’s most advanced and efficient recycling shower unit, saving up to 90% water and 80% energy.

Website: orbital-systems.com

Phoenix Biopower

Phoenix BioPower develops revolutionary technology that can double the electrical efficiency from biomass.

Website: phoenixbiopower.com

Sally R

Merging ventilation with space technology to save energy in buildings and improve air quality.

Website: sally-r.com


Sensefarm develops products for smart cities, precision farming and grounds care.

Website: sensefarm.com


Solvatten® is a social enterprise making portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water.

Website: solvatten.org

Svenska Aerogel AB

Develops and manufactures predominantly silica based nano-/meso-porous materials for a range of industrial applications.

Website: aerogel.se

Unimi Solutions

Unimi Solutions works with modular design of infrastructure to avoid costly ground work and only dig up the street once

Website: unimi.se