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Abora Solar

Abora has developed and manufactured the solar hybrid panel (PVT) with the most performance in the market.

Website: abora-solar.com

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AlgaEnergy S.A.

AlgaEnergy S.A. is a biotech company exclusively focusing on the science of microalgae

Website: algaenergy.es

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Dealing with water shortage through sustainable solar distillation.

Website: aqua-abib.com

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BioCurve designs and makes the most powerful biomass condensing boilers. Record efficiency with negligible emissions.

Website: biocurve-heating.com

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b4b is positioned as a fuel efficiency tech supplier for the shipping industry to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Website: http://bound4blue.com

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Supports companies with technological research, development and innovation in all areas relating to Energy and the Environment, there by assisting them in becoming more competitive.

Website: cetenma.es

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Working to learn, learning to work

Website: http://www.esteyco.com/en

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Place to Plug

Developing a more sustainable mobility by connecting EV drivers with charging stations

Website: placetoplug.com

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Pulverizadores Fede

Manufacture of sprayers, atomizers and equipment for the treatment and protection of crops

Website: fedepulverizadores.com

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Tapp Water Ltd

TAPP Water produces easy to use, smart, affordable, sustainable water filters to eliminate the need for bottled water.

Website: tappwater.co

2020 Smarter

We create sustainable infrastructures, adapting airports in insular regions

Website: https://carlosoltf.wixsite.com/smarter


Bioplastics manufacturer. With our BIOplastics, we make the world a better place.

Website: adbioplastics.com


We convert waste heat in electricity

Website: aeinnova.com


AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre, offers solutions to companies of the plastics industry: R&D projects, analysis and testing, technical assistance, competitive intelligence and training.

Website: aimplas.es

Altais Nova

Altais Nova is developing an alternative for non-recyclable, multi-material flexible packaging based on a novel paramagnetic film technology

Website: altaisnova.com


Industry for the manufacture of floating modules for water saving and reducing emissions to the atmosphere

Website: arana-wm.com

Arrecife Energy Systems

We capture the waves' power and transform it into electricity simulating the behavior of a coral reef through turbines

Website: arrecifesystems.com


Developed the technology for the production of high-added value “natural” biomolecules

Website: biokemik.eu


A high-tech company aiming to become the leading Artificial Intelligence provider for the global water sector

Website: buntplanet.com