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3Bee has designed Hive-Tech, an artificial intelligent IoT diagnostic and monitoring system able to collect important biological parameters inside the hive.

Website: 3bee.it

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Advanced Microturbines

Our patented coin-sized Microturbines for energy harvesting in gas and water distribution pipelines take advantage of existing pressure drops to generate electricity in off-grid contexts. They are developed in two sizes, 30 W and 150 W. The Microturbines enable the reliable power supply of smart IoT monitoring and control technologies, resulting in a more energetically efficient management of the pipelines with increased reliability and with reduced operational costs.

Website: microturbines.it

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Aeris Group

AERIS Group is an holding company that employs highly specialized companies operating in the industrial air treatment.

Website: aerisgroup.it

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Greenrail S.r.l.

Innovative and eco-sustainable railway sleepers made of concrete, recycled plastic and rubber from End-of-Life Tyres.

Website: http://www.greenrailgroup.com/en/home

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Hexagro Urban Farming

Hexagro Urban Farming envisions a future in which anybody, anywhere can grow and access healthy fresh food.

Website: http://www.hexagrourbanfarming.com

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Breathe your life! APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology is the 1st filter-less, water-based, energy efficient solution to purify and control the quality of the ambient air in urban, industrial, commercial and domestic, private and public spaces.

Website: iscleanair.com

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Pozzi Leopoldo Srl

POZZI: a long history of expertise and professional service towards innovative and sustainable technologies.

Website: pozzi.it

AB Energy

AB designs, manufactures, installs and supports, the best cogeneration solutions on the world market.

Website: gruppoab.it

Agricolus srl

Agricolus makes Smart Farming easier and accessible to worldwide farmers, improving production and reducing wastes!

Website: agricolus.com


Airlite is the 100% VOC free paint that turns your walls into a natural air purifier.

Website: airlite.com

Bike Intermodal

The present FP7-SST research deals with the possible synergy of the bicycle and all other forms of transport, public and private, for a sort of "fluid", seamless, individual urban transport.

Website: bike-intermodal.eu


Irrigation and Precision Agriculture Advanced Control Systems

Website: bluetentacles.com


Colouree is a web platform for Real Estate and Smart Cities that rates any property surroundings in the world in 3 click.

Website: colouree.com

CRPA - Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali

Since 1972 applied research and services in the livestock sector and the agro-industry, for companies and public bodies

Website: www.crpa.it


Enerbrain improves the financial productivity and comfort of your buildings without the need to modify any of your existing systems.

Website: enerbrain.com

Energy Ripple

Combining crowdfunding and ripple effect to accelerate green energy: from individual donations to global social benefit.

Website: to-be-issued-yet.net


Letting knowledge flow

Website: etaflorence.it

farm Francesco da Schio

Francesco da Schio and his son Berardo da Schio look at a production of crops on a living soil, that reduces the superficial erosion of arable crops and increases water capacity in the field: the absence of mechanical machining and the agroforestry promotes and protects edaphic biodiversity which is the only source of humus and construction of a stable soil structure. Only this practice, called "no-till farming", reduce the energy consumption!

Website: www.agricoladaschio.com

Fater S.p.A.

Fater is a leader in the Italian market of sanitary products and in the European bleach market.

Website: fatersmart.com


Generma generators convert sea and ocean wave energy to electricity.

Website: generma.com