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Effective, generic, software-based data centre energy measurement, management and reduction solutions.

Website: www.beeyon.com

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Solving OPEX intensive Wastewater treatment, facilitating rapid scalability of legacy infrastructure with Drop-in MABR

Website: oxymem.com

DesignPro Renewables

Develops and commercialises a range of small-scale, hydrokinetic turbines that will enable users to harness clean, predictable energy from flowing water in rivers and estuaries.

Website: designprorenewables.com


EnergyElephant helps people make better, cleaner energy decisions using a simple, A.I. powered software platform.

Website: https://energyelephant.com

Float Marine Technologies Europe Ltd.

Float Europe® (Float Marine Technologies Europe Limited) provides project development services that include research, design, and development of marine technology products specializing in very large floating platforms.

Website: floateurope.eu

GKinetic Energy

GKinetic Energy are developing innovative, flow accelerating hydrokinetic turbines for both river and tidal flows.

Website: gkinetic.com

Glanbia Ireland

Glanbia Ireland is Ireland’s leading dairy & agri-business company which owns celebrated consumer and agri brands.

Website: glanbia.ie


NVPE’s technology is becoming the most sustainable form of energy-positive wastewater treatment on the global market.

Website: nvpenergy.com


RCSI is a medicine and health sciences university based in Dublin.

Website: rcsi.ie


Robeau is a connected solution for Water management. It allows to measure direct water consumption in all buildings and properties. Set-up with alerts, its detects leaks or unusual behaviour of water network. Sales are done worldwide with direct customers and distributors

Website: robeau.tech

The Yield Lab

The Yield Lab Europe is an Agri Tech Accelerator Fund with a follow on Fund.

Website: theyieldlab.com

Tuireann Energy Ltd.

Nanofluid injection technology to reduce CO2 and harmful emissions for cars, ships and generators.

Website: tuireann.energy

UrbanVolt Ltd.

Light as a Service (LaaS®) and Solar as a Service (SOLaaS®)

Website: urbanvolt.com