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Basil Energetics Private Limited

Rooftop solar solution with DC appliances and smart nano grid.


AeroTruck™ (Aria Aerotech Pvt. Ltd.)

We are team of aerospace engineers on a mission to reduce air pollution caused by commercial vehicles in India. We work in two steps - first, using data analytics we pin-point the most cost effective way to improve fuel efficiency for a given vehicle segment. And second, using aerospace design methods we develop the specific solution for selected vehicle segment.



Clean energy efficient radiant heat applications across gas fuel



Saving the world from pollution, one byte of data at a time.


Amplus Energy Solutions

Amplus Energy is leading distributed solar developer in India.


Anandalal Electric Private Limited

We are a passionate group of professionals from Engineering, law,finance & marketing involved in realizing our dream of creating a sustainable future for ourselves and our future generations.


Apeiron Mobility

All electric cargo moped


Ather Energy

Ather Energy is an Indian electric vehicle company, designing and building intelligent electric scooters.


Atomberg Technologies

Super efficient ceiling fan. Consuming only 28Watts, it reduces power consumption by 65% and saves $15-25$/year/fan


Avant Garde Innovations™

A Small Wind Turbine for the price of a smartphone that can power your homes, farms or offices™.


Banka BioLoo

Banka BioLoo provides sustainable sanitation solutions for rural and urban areas alike.


BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited

BharatRohan is a mission that involves empowering farmers by reducing losses through prediction of pest attacks and disease outbreaks in the crops. We are a team of aeronautical engineers and hyperspectral imaging experts implementing affordable UAVs/Drone, Hyperspectral Imaging, data analytics and machine learning technologies to meet local farm challenges. With our services, farmers can reduce the amount of chemical and fertilisers which would aid in reducing their impact on the environment.



Binbag is a technology-led company that is addressing the problem of e-waste by making the supply chain efficient.


bioQ Eco Stationery

Replacing disposable plastic ball pens with 100% bio-degradable and recycled paper while improving the overall quality


Bluestar Consortium

A Diversified Entity all companies brought under one umbrella in the name of a Consortium and providing mainly on Consultancy Services to Governments and other entities.


Cell Propulsion (Cellprop Private Limited)

Cell propulsion is company from Bengaluru, India, focused in delivering mobility solutions in the areas of autonomy, electric power trains and energy storage by building globally deploy-able , IP led technology stacks in both hardware and software. Cell propulsion was founded in May -2016 and started full time operations from Feb-2017 on-wards.We are a strong team of 40 full time engineers, 5 advisors and a management team and who have diverse experience in the field of technology and business.



Cellerite Systems Pvt. Ltd is a charging solutions provider for electric vehicles.


Chakr Innovation

Chakr Innovation Private Limited aims to create pioneering, sustainable and scalable technologies to combat the grave threat posed by pollution.



Life Science solutions for Remediating Pollution, Creating value out of waste. Enzymes, Bioremediation and Microalgae.


CoolCrop Technologies Private Limited

CoolCrop creates sustainable, on-farm cold storage solutions and predictive market analytics tools for small and marginal farmers in India so that they can create more value from agriculture



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Make sure you've read the instructions before using the chat

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