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Oorja Energy Engineering Services

Manufacturer of cleantech heating and cooling systems for industrial, commercial and military sectors.

Website: oorja.in

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Clean energy efficient radiant heat applications across gas fuel

Website: www.agnisumukh.com

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Saving the world from pollution, one byte of data at a time.

Website: getambee.com

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Basil Energetics Private Limited

Rooftop solar solution with DC appliances and smart nano grid.

Website: basilenergetics.com

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Flamingo Industries

We endeavor to provide innovative Heating systems that harness the renewable resources available on our planet

Website: flamingoindustries.com

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NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats

Efficient, cleaner and cheaper water transportation with solar and electric ferries.

Website: navaltboats.com

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Saathi Eco Innovations

Saathi is a social enterprise and manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products.

Website: saathipads.com

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STEP Pvt Ltd.

Engineering consultancy company. Works on industrial wastewater treatment & management, process and water audits, sustainable development; industrial training and infrastructure & CSR projects

Website: stepsol.com

AeroTruck™ (Aria Aerotech Pvt. Ltd.)

We are team of aerospace engineers on a mission to reduce air pollution caused by commercial vehicles in India. We work in two steps - first, using data analytics we pin-point the most cost effective way to improve fuel efficiency for a given vehicle segment. And second, using aerospace design methods we develop the specific solution for selected vehicle segment.

Website: http://www.aerotruck.in/

Afterglow Tech

Afterglow Tech enables companies, educational institutions and civic bodies implement safer and more energy efficient lighting infrastructure.

Website: www.afterglowtech.com

Alpha Power

Manufacturers of Domestic Windmills which can work with existing Solar On & Off Grid System.

Website: alphawindmills.com

Amplus Energy Solutions

Amplus Energy is leading distributed solar developer in India.

Website: amplussolar.com

Anandalal Electric Private Limited

We are a passionate group of professionals from Engineering, law,finance & marketing involved in realizing our dream of creating a sustainable future for ourselves and our future generations.

Website: anandalalelectric.com

Apeiron Mobility

All electric cargo moped

Website: apeironmobility.com

Ather Energy

Ather Energy is an Indian electric vehicle company, designing and building intelligent electric scooters.

Website: atherenergy.com

Atomberg Technologies

Super efficient ceiling fan. Consuming only 28Watts, it reduces power consumption by 65% and saves $15-25$/year/fan

Website: atomberg.com

Aton Solar International

Aton Solar International is a complete 360 degree turnkey solar solutions provider in India with a special unit for research and development on the application of solar energy, The company which has won many national awards and acclamations has developed products for the benefit of mankind.

Website: atonsolar.in


Experts in ecological and socially responsible development

Website: aurovilleconsulting.com

Avant Garde Innovations™

A Small Wind Turbine for the price of a smartphone that can power your homes, farms or offices™.

Website: www.avantgarde.energy

Banka BioLoo

Banka BioLoo provides sustainable sanitation solutions for rural and urban areas alike.

Website: bankabio.com