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Arela Chemicals

Manufacturer of food grade liquefied carbon dioxide for makers of carbonated beverages in Ghana

Website: arelachemicals.com


Recycled Housing

Website: ghana20-20.com

Good Morning Bamboo Agro-Forestry and Investment Services

We develop innovative CITIES OF ECOLOGICAL CIVILIZATION - BAMBOO ECOLOGICAL CITIES with innovative Bamboo Composite Affordable Eco-Homes Construction Technologies using no Cement; no Timber, no Sand and no PVC Pipes to solve global housing deficit problem by reducing the current housing construction cost by about 50%; our technologies have been purposely developed to mitigate and adapt/build resilience to climate change and housing deficit.

Website: gust.com

Millenium Development Institute

The organization works to map out ways of building sustainable capacities for individuals, communities and institutions

Website: mdighana.org