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Danfoss A/S

Danfoss engineers technologies that empower the world of tomorrow to build a better future.

Website: http://www.danfoss.com

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BioCover is specialised in sustainable use of organic fertilisers (slurry) during application to farmland.

Website: biocover.dk


Aeroe Kommune is a small Danish Island municipality, with a strong focus on sustainable solutions.

Website: aeroekommune.dk


Danish development company with focus on Sustainable Intensification for arable farming.

Website: agrointelli.com


Open Network for Sustainability Assessment Information

Website: https://bonsai.uno


CELLUGY: Nature inspired polymers to replace plastic

Website: cellugy.com


We deliver the Green Methanol from the recycling of carbon dioxide.

Website: cynox.de


FluidTech is developing a new Organic Rankine Cycle to efficiently transform low-temperature waste heat into high-grade electricity

Website: fluidtech.dk


Heliac produces solar-generated heat up to 400C in utility-scale at costs below any alternative almost anywhere in the world without the need of feed-in-tariffs.

Website: heliac.dk


Consumable-free, on-site hydrogen peroxide generation solutions for effective, safe, and sustainable water treatment.

Website: hpnow.eu

International Cleantech Network

A global cluster network fostering international partnership.

Website: http://internationalcleantechnetwork.com


We have a vision to be the data catalyst for a cleaner, greener planet. We offer Pervasive Environmental Intelligence as a service – we work with air quality, noise and meteorological data to enable more sustainable and cleaner living. We offer real time analytics (deep insights) and predictive data (foresight ) to both public and private stakeholders to enable them reduce emissions and improve quality of life. We want to achieve this by quantifying the invisible parameters and enabling impact mitigation with the use of modern IoT (Internet of things) tools in tandem with advanced mathematical models running as a cloud service.

Website: leapcraft.dk

Lyras A/S

We have created a revolutionary new way to pasteurize and remove heat-resistant bacteria in liquid food products.

Website: lyras.dk

pond biomaterials

Our vision is to pass on a biodiverse planet by enabling consumers to choose products in symbiosis with nature

Website: pond.global


ReMoni is all about saving resources in an inexpensive, intelligent and easy way.

Website: remoni.com

STAC Technology

STAC has developed a patented technology platform using water as the coolant that will replace HFCs. The technology can be used in multiple applications across a range of diverse industries.

Website: stactechnology.com


We want to quantify and make widely accessible the climate impact of the daily choices we make.

Website: tmrow.com

Unisense A/S

Unisense manufactures state-of the-art industrial H2S sensors and various microsensors for scientific research.

Website: https://imecsensor.com

Visblue ApS

VisBlue commercializes green energy storage with a patented vanadium redox flow battery.

Website: visblue.com


Waturu - disruptive heating technology that can lower CO2 output from properties all over the world.

Website: waturu.com