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ECOTEN urban comfort

We provide innovative services to help municipalities to adapt to climate change and mitigate the urban heat island.

Website: urban-comfort.eu

IBCSD LAB s.r.o.

IBCSD LAB s.r.o. has been set with one and the only aim - TO BUILD WASTELESS WORLD. To do that I invented, developed and implement the only existing systematic waste and wasting prevention - INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING, applicable to industries, factories, so as municipalities, countries, and individuals.

Website: industrial-upcycling.cz

MIWA (Minimum Waste)

MIWA is a solution to a complex problem of the huge amounts of packaging waste.

Website: miwa.eu

Rada Building

The world's most advanced bridges.

Website: http://radabuilding.com

Rekola Bikesharing

European sustainable bikesharing system - ideal for small and medium-sized cities.

Website: https://www.rekola.cz/en