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Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Carbon Upcycling produces advanced materials like graphene, nanoplatelets, & quantum dots from CO2 emissions.

Website: carbonupcycling.com

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Dubuc Motors Inc

EV automaker targeting niche markets within the automotive space

Website: https://dubucmotors.com

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Oneka Technologies

Oneka is devoted to make the ocean a sustainable supply of drinking water. The company is based in Canada and also has a test site in Florida (USA).

Website: onekawater.com

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Addressing global plastic waste issue with first portable machines that decompose plastic waste into root chemicals

Website: pyrowave.com

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Producing Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) since 2009. As the industrial world still uses fossil fuels to generate heat for its processes, Rackam offers innovative solar solutions to help industries become less dependent on fossil fuels

Website: rackam.com

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Founded in 1983, Technosub's mission is to create, manufacture and distribute innovative and sustainable pumping and water management solutions for the industrial and mining sectors in the shortest time possible.

Website: technosub.net

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Voltra Technologie develops innovative specialized products for high-voltage stations and wind farms.

Website: voltra.ca

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Biome Renewables is an industrial design firm that employs the power of nature to create a sustainable future.

Website: biome-renewables.com


ACSYNAM manufactures state-of-the-art nano-storage materials that have the power to revolutionize the energy sector.

Website: acsynam.com

Aprilli Design Studio

Aprilli Design Studio is a Toronto-based design firm focusing on New Technologies, Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Website: aprilli.com

Autovector Technologies Inc.

Autovector is a growing team of people who are dedicated to sustainable transportation. We are developing a novel tire and wheel assembly that takes much less materials and energy to manufacture than conventional tires, and exhibits exceptionally low rolling resistance. Twango easily qualifies as the cleanest and greenest tire and wheel assembly ever invented. Our vision is to create a new type of disruptive company, one that relates to all participants in the tire industry value chain as partners on the same mission. We believe that it is imperative for all businesses to transition to sustainable products and technologies.

Website: autovector.ca

Bella Bamboo Corp

Bella Bamboo is building an international brand and striving to be the best eco – friendly, environmentally and socially responsible supplier of 100% Bamboo and Bamboo products.

Website: bellabamboocorp.com

Canada Cleantech

We leverage provincial and territorial strengths to be the reference of / for the Canadian cleantech sector

Website: https://www.canadacleantechalliance.ca

Canadian Electric Boat Company

Canadian Electric Boat Company. We are proud to present the best electric boat technology available on the market.

Website: electricboats.ca

Carnot Réfrigération

Carnot Refrigeration, Working to Make Eco-friendly Refrigeration a Global Standard

Website: carnotrefrigeration.com


We teach people how to get safe water, sanitation and hygiene in their own homes using simple, affordable technologies.

Website: cawst.org


With an electric motor located in its rear wheel and a high-performance battery giving it an operating range of 31 miles at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, the Geebee is a powerful, noiseless, eco-friendly vehicle.

Website: conceptgeebee.com

Coop MGV

The Cooperative of Solidarity of the High speed Monorail.

Website: mgv.coop

Coulson Ice Blast

Coulson Ice Blast is an innovative technology company specializing in environmentally-friendly industrial blasting.

Website: coulsoniceblast.com

Cycle Capital Management

With offices in Montreal, Toronto and Qingdao in China, and a presence in New York and Seattle, CCM has more than CAD$350M in AUM (assets under management) and invests in North America and in China in companies at the development and growth stages that commercialize clean technologies striving to reduce GHG emissions, optimizing resource use and improving process efficiency.

Website: cyclecapital.com