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Insolar is a social business that promotes the democratization of the access to solar energy in Brazil.

Website: insolar.eco.br

Blue Sol Energia Solar

We are a solar provider in Brazil that work through an integrated franchise model. As of today, we are the most well known solar brand for residential, commercial, and rural solar solutions.

Website: bluesol.com.br


Main purpose is to eliminate sanitary landfills by transforming organic and inorganic trash into 100% clean energy.

Website: bnpetro.com

Elekt Innovations Ltda

Elektsolar Innovations -Photovoltaic Solar Energy Courses and Training.

Website: elektsolar.com.br

Encaminhe Certo

Specialized in guiding companies in the path of sustainability and efficiency, whether in construction, renovation or operation.

Website: encaminhecerto.com.br


We develop fabrics using Agroforestry systems that regenerate communities and degraded areas in Brazil.

Website: farfarm.co

Guia Energia Solar

Provide information on the Solar Photovoltaic Energy sector, in order to boost innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation.

Website: guiaenergiasolar.com

Instituto Água

The Instituto Água is a third sector organization and aims to promote sustainable development in children's education.

Website: institutoagua.org

Mensuris Environmental Measurement

We model terrestrial ecosystem structure and function

Website: mensuris.com

Plataforma Verde

Our solutions add value to all the communities as they offer an integrated management platform to all the agents and processes involved in the production chain and final solid waste destinations

Website: https://www.plataformaverde.com.br

Rda Energia

For a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Website: rdaenergia.com.br

Sinal do Vale

Sinal do Vale is a local-global learning center for the transition to a sustainable future. We prototype solutions for the regeneration of soils, food systems and forests and disseminate them through education and products for conscious markets.

Website: sinaldovale.org


Save the environment and the future generations by producing your own biological pest management on farm and eliminate the usage of chemicals in agriculture.

Website: solubio.agr.br

Terra Azul Research

An innovative approach to a more sustainable maritime shipping future: clean, silent, reliable, and efficient.

Website: tasubsurface.com


Pioneer in Brazil: A new recycle method. Easy, interactive, encouraging and accessible to all

Website: triciclo.eco.br

VG Waste

We accelerate the sustainable development by matching waste generators to waste suppliers and buyers. We encourage environmentally friendly disposals and optimize waste management.

Website: vgresiduos.com.br