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Our mission is to elimate waste acid from stainless steel industry.

Website: http://www.sustec.at

Logo Solutions Label

Swimsol GmbH

World's first marine-grade floating solar power plant for the sea

Website: swimsol.com

areos Development GmbH

„We develop, plan and construct real estate for residential and commercial purposes. Thereby, we think in generations.“

Website: areos.eu


BLUE POWER wind turbines contribute to environ. and climate protection through clean power, esp in non-grid+ urban areas

Website: bluepower.at


Offers a next-generation PV technology for Building Integrated Photovoltaics - cost-efficient, flexible and transparent!

Website: www.crystalsol.com

eologix sensor technology gmbh

eologix sensor technology gmbh was founded in 2014. The young company develops innovative sensors for smart surfaces.

Website: eologix.com

HAKOM Solutions

HAKOM is technology leader for timeseries management in the energy industry. Its technology enables and accelerates innovation.

Website: hakom.at


HELIOVIS is a supplier of low cost inflatable solar collectors based on its patented HELIOtube technology.

Website: heliovis.com

Kompetenzzentrum – Das virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a leading international R&D center for the automotive and rail industries. The center focuses on advanced virtualization of vehicle development. This linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing leads to a powerful HW-SW system design.

Website: www.v2c2.at

Mirai Intex

High-tech engineering company manufacturing refrigeration equipment that uses the most natural refrigerant: NATURAL AIR.

Website: mirai-intex.com


Parkbob organizes global parking data and transforms it into actionable information to enable better mobility decisions.

Website: http://www.parkbob.com

Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

Our mission and main targets are research and development of highly energy-efficient buildings, such as passive houses, zero-energy houses, and energy self-sufficient and Plus Energy buildings.

Website: schoeberlpoell.at

Sunlumo Technology GmbH

Provides range from research and development in solar thermal energy to the commercial distribution of environmental technology products.

Website: sunlumo.at

triply GmbH

With triply we will reshape mobility in rural areas, by creating economically sustainable mobility solutions.

Website: triply.at

webLyzard technology

A Big Data and Visual Analytics Platform for Web Intelligence, Semantic Search and Visualizing Global Information Flows

Website: weblyzard.com