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BioPak is focused on replacing fossil fuel-based plastic used in foodservice ware by offering compostable alternatives

Website: biopak.com.au

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Peer-to-Peer Electric Car Sharing

Website: www.evee.com.au

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Solar Analytics

we empower people to navigate the energy transition

Website: solaranalytics.com.au

BCJ Controls

We help solar connect to the grid. We supply the grid protection hardware, electrical testing and engineering services.

Website: bcjcontrols.com.au


an open source community energy platform providing consumers with choice, transparency and efficiency

Website: enosi.io


Envirosuite provides the most comprehensive and intuitive real-time monitoring, investigative and predictive environmental management software in the world. Built on insights from 30+ years experience as environmental consultants, Envirosuite seamlessly converts data into action, enabling real action in real-time.

Website: envirosuite.com

International Young Professionals Foundation

A global community of young leaders from diverse professional backgrounds together for sustainable grassroots impact.

Website: iypf.org

Licella Pty Ltd

Licella is an Australian technology company that has over the past 10 years pioneered the use of Hydrothermal Liquefaction and developed its technology to run a variety of waste or low value feedstocks including non recyclable plastics that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated and woody wastes from pulp, paper and saw mills. We have formed two JV companies with international partners to commercialise our technology see the video on the our story tab on our website. 

Website: licella.com

Michael Fragomeni

Engineering and exhibiting the World’s Quickest Accelerating and Solar-SuperCharged ELECTRIC Landspeed Dragster

Website: TopEVRacing.com

Praxis Aeronautics

Praxis was founded in 2016 to commercialise its process of integrating solar cells directly inside composite material.

Website: praxisaeronautics.com.au


Passion provides the 'why' and drives activity. How the 'why 'is implemented assures outcomes. Today we urgently need systems, policy and enterprise that scales and changes our current path. ProductWise champions positive change-makers.

Website: productwise.com.au

PumpFree Energy

Develops a unique solution that efficiently separates oil from water.

Website: pumpfree.com.au


RayGen pioneers PV Ultra, a solar technology that generates low cost heat and electricity for large-scale industry

Website: raygen.com.au

Sunovate Pty Ltd

Sunovate PVT technology provides buildings and businesses with heat as well as electricity.

Website: sunovate.com.au

The Solution to Pollution by Engineair Pty Ltd Australia

Engineair is focusing on the development of environmentally friendly and super efficient engine.

Website: engineair.com.au


Trac-Car is an information technology service provider engaged in on-line multi-cloud digital information distribution.

Website: trac-car.com

Yarra Energy

Development of robust and efficient micro-wind turbine for low and transient wind conditions on small towers.

Website: yarraenergy.com.au