Prithvi Naik

    Prithvi is an economist by training and specialised in climate science. passion to combine profitability and sustainability is ingrained. Brought up in the Far East, having been a first-hand witness of rapid economic growth always made him question if at all it is possible to achieve stellar growth while limiting environmental impact. He began his career in the petrochemicals industry in India when China enacted its National Sword policy. He leaped into plastic waste, circularity in petrochemicals and reverse value chains to scout for efficient solutions that were both profitable and limited environmental impact. It was only later that he decided to expand his horizon to understand efficient solutions across various industries under the vision and guidance of Dr. Bertrand Piccard. His key tasks include investor outreach and management; financial information sourcing and validation; and insights to funds and investors on companies and deal flow.

    • Position
    • Investment Analyst
    • Nationality
    • Indian
    • Languages spoken
    • English, Chinese, German, French
    • Team
    • Investor Relations
      • Joined
      • Solar Impulse Foundation in January 2020
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