Movin’On Community of Interest on Energy Efficiency and Financing Transition Runs Virtual Session to Accelerate Solutions Adoption

BNP Paribas, Solar Impulse, Michelin and Engie mobilise networks to develop solutions that scale up energy efficiency and reinvest gains in energy transition.

Following on from the successful Movin’On Digital Meetings in June 2020, the Movin’On Community of Interest on energy efficiency will hold its first virtual working session on 8th October, aimed at scaling up energy efficiency to support reinvestment in the energy transition. BNP Paribas, Solar Impulse, Michelin and ENGIE are collaborating to bring together a community of online experts including energy efficiency champions, energy solutions users and innovative start-ups. Seven experts in the field will be part of the virtual session:

  • Carlo Carraro, Vice-Chair of the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

  • Constance Chalchat, Head of Company Engagement at BNP Paribas CIB

  • Bertrand Piccard, Founder and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation 

  • Franck Bruel – Executive Vice President, supervising UK & LATAM Business, ENGIE

  • Dominique Radal, VP Sustainable Performance & Transformation at Michelin 

  • Vincent Sciandra, CEO METRON

  • Nicolas Beaumont, Movin’On

The session will address concrete initiatives to be launched in areas such as real estate and buildings, industry, digital sobriety, and sustainable finance. This will bring together participants from major corporates, start-ups, international organizations and public authorities. A highlight of the plenary session will be a fireside chat between Constance Chalchat and Bertrand Piccard about how to scale up solutions. This working session is one of the steps in the work done by the Community of Interest to deliver a library of tested and approved solutions. Michelin and Engie will also present a shared success with Gravanches, first Michelin zero emission factory

Carlo Carraro, Vice-Chair of the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Venice stated: “Energy efficiency has been and will be the largest contributor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions accounting for about 40% of reductions by 2050. For the environment, the best energy is the energy we save.”

Constance Chalchat, Head of Company Engagement, BNP Paribas CIB explains: “Given the scale of the climate crisis, investing in energy efficiency initiatives is critical, and this coalition helps drive a virtuous circle for the planet, savings for companies, and opportunities for solutions providers. This ultimately mobilizes multiple sectors and stakeholders towards the transition to net zero”.

Dominique Radal, VP Sustainable Performance & Transformation at Michelin stated: “Energy efficiency is a key priority in our journey towards carbon neutrality not only for our industrial operations but also for the contribution of our offers to a sustainable mobility, which represents more than 90% of our CO2 emissions.”

Bertrand Piccard, Founder and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation emphasized: “Half of the energy that is produced is wasted because of the inefficiency of the systems. So the first step is to aim for energy efficiency, and through the Solar Impulse Foundation label, we want to fast-track the implementation of these clean technologies.”

Franck Bruel – Executive Vice President, supervising UK & LATAM Business, ENGIE highlighted: “Energy efficiency is key to a successful energy transition. And it’s the perfect example of our purpose: it reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet. At ENGIE we walk side by side with our clients in their decarbonisation journey in a unique way: we develop sustainability strategies, and then implement solutions globally, such as energy efficiency, renewables, and mobility.”

Vincent Sciandra, CEO METRON explained: “That’s what our AI is doing in worldwide factories by reducing their energy consumption by up to 14%.”

Nicolas Beaumont, Movin’On, commented: “Energy efficiency is critical to sustainable mobility. To achieve this objective, we need to bring together all the players: suppliers, users, regulators, investors, in order to propose concrete and innovative solutions.”

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