News — July 19, 2018

We are 1000 Members!

We are 1000 Members

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Today was no ordinary day for the Solar Impulse Foundation. Indeed, today marked a big step towards our goal of making our world cleaner and our future brighter. Since the success of the solar flight around the world, we’ve worked day in day out to create the largest community of cleantech innovators, investors and seekers in the world.

Today, we’re proud to announce that the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions has welcomed its 1000th Member!

The Members are the ones who submit their solutions to be granted the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label and to be part of the #1000solutions portfolio that Bertrand Piccard will present in 2019. Indeed, this means that we haven’t yet reached the goal of #1000solutions, but it is a great step towards reaching our goal.

Launched in November 2017 at COP23 (see the article about the launch and video of its constituent assembly), the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions aims to bring together the main actors of clean technologies to create synergies among them and accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. Our goal is to build the biggest cleantech community around the world, made of investors, corporates and innovators who share our mission. We already have plenty of stories of Members of the World Alliance who work together: innovators who have built partnerships together, investors who have financed cleantech entrepreneurs, corporates who have used innovations from the World Alliance.

“Being a Member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is all about connecting, networking and exchanging ideas” said Armand Martin, co-founder of Power-Blox AG. “Together with the Members of the World Alliance you can create collaborations and partnerships that allow you to roll out your solution on a big scale” adds Heike Zatterstrom, founder of Boson Energy.

Are you a cleantech entrepreneur, an impact investor, or a corporate seeking to use cleantech solutions?

Written by Tristan Lebleu on July 19, 2018

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