Donald Trump agrees to sign Paris Agreement

You have been fooled - Happy April Fools Day !

Donald Trump Paris agreement

In occasion of April Fools' Day, we thought it would be fun to imagine the President of the United States of America, changing his mind and agreeing to sign the Paris agreement and join the global effort toward sustainability.

But, is it a joke?

We believe this is possible. Embracing clean technologies and efficient solutions will protect the environment we live in and represents the biggest new business opportunity this century. As Bertrand Piccard says, “the world needs to embrace clean technologies, not because they are “eco-logical,” but because they are “logical.” Even if climate change didn’t exist, energy efficient technologies would make sense to create jobs, generate profit and boost economic development, while also reducing CO2 emissions and protecting natural resources”.

The Solar Impulse Foundation launched the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions with the aim to select 1000 profitable solutions to protect the environment. Labelled as “Efficient Solutions”, they will be presented to governments, businesses and institutions at COP 24 in December to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

If you have or you know about a solution that could be one of our 1000 Efficient Solutions, submit it for consideration here.


The World Alliance brings together the main actors in the field of clean technologies in order to create synergies that will ultimately speed-up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions which have the potential to address the environmental challenges of today.


Efficient Solutions are not limited to the production of renewable energy. They encompass products, services, clean technologies and processes that are profitable and sustain economic growth, while protecting the environment and optimising the use of natural resources.