News - February 06, 2020

Discover the new Labelled Efficient Solutions of January 2020

Written by Tristan Lebleu 3 min read

From now on, every month, we will publish a quick recap of all the solutions who have been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label during the previous month.

Let’s start with January 2020!

Number of solutions labelled in January 2020: 21

Total number of solutions labelled: 329

Number of countries represented: 11 (Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA)

In which SDGs are the new solutions?

  • SDG6 - Clean Water and Sanitation: 4 solutions
  • SDG7 - Affordable and Clean Energy: 5 solutions
  • SDG9 - Industry, Infrastructure and Innovation: 3 solutions
  • SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities: 3 solutions
  • SDG12 - Responsible Consumption and production: 6 solutions

The solutions:

  • Europa V5, by Cleanea: Produces ecological disinfectant and degreaser through an electrolysis process.
  • Windflow’s synchronous power-train, by Windflow Technology Limited: Enables wind turbines to provide physical inertia and system strength for grid stability.
  • MAX HT®, by Solvay: Prevents the formation of impurities and contaminants in heaters resulting in optimized energy consumption and reduced emission.
  • Cortex GCCM, by Cortex Composites: Cortex GCCM is a prefabricated rolled cement composite mat, which contours to complex surfaces, and cures upon hydration into a durable concrete layer.
  • gO Measurement-System, by Green TEG: A sensor device to measure and verify the potential and actual energy savings of building refurbishment projects.
  • Comwatt power, by Comwatt: Synchronizes electrical supply & demand with connected objects to help manage households' energy consumption.
  • SolarSoundSystem, by SolarSoundSystem: A high quality, low consumption and sustainable solar & bicycle powered sound-systems for festivals and any type of events.
  • SolidWater™ Ship Propeller, by Admiral Fluidics: A ship propeller that is five times as efficient as traditional propellers that reduces fuel consumption.
  • Shayp, by Shayp: Reduces world's distributed water consumption with IoT enabled tracking, leak detection, and water damage mitigation for home insurances
  • Twaice, by Twaice Technologies GMBH: Predictive battery analytics software based on digital twins to optimize development and use of li-ion batteries and products with li-ion batteries.
  • Syntroph Oxidation Bacteria, by Probiosphere Inc: A new approach to bacterial bioaugmentation solution for biomass conversion to energy.
  • Centaur, by Environmental Monitoring Solutions Limited: A modular IoT system for urban flood and overflow alleviation which avoids infrastructure costs and disruption, and reduces environmental impacts.
  • Zero Emission Livestock Farming, by Bioma SA: It prevents emission of Ammonia and other undesired gases from solid and liquid manure improving animal welfare and their productivity.
  • A microbial soil fertilisation process, by Mezagri / Sobac: A soil fertilisation process based on a microbial ecosystem which avoids the use of chemical fertilisers and lime and reduces pesticides application.
  • Ariel Cold Wash, by Procter & Gamble: Allows to wash clothes in cold water with excellent performance results.
  • HolyGrail 2.0, by Procter & Gamble: Marking Plastic Packaging with Digital Watermarks to enable automatic sorting in recycle centres and create value add-on across the supply chain.
  • C1000 203, by INOVAYA: Water filtration system to provide drinking water up to 20’000 people, without any chemical, and it is consumable for 10 years.
  • Interceptor™, by The Ocean Cleanup: The Interceptor™ intercepts new plastic coming from rivers entering the ocean and can be deployed all around the world.
  • Omniled, by Omniflow: A Smart Energy device powered by wind and solar with built-in energy storage for IoT application.
  • Salt free Seawater cooling, by Irrigation Nets: Uses seawater to cool pv-solar power plants (salt free), generate more energy and support agriculture.
  • RePack, by RePack: A sustainable packaging service for e-commerce retailers costing 30% less, creating 78% less CO2, reducing landfill waste by 92%.

Written by Tristan Lebleu on February 06, 2020

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