Bertrand Piccard replies to social media comments

Each week many people take the time to comment and ask questions to Bertrand through Social Media. While it would take too much time to respond daily to each comment, we were looking for a way to create an interaction between the Solar Impulse community on social media and Bertrand Piccard. To do so, we decided to start a series of videos asking Bertrand to reply to your comments and questions directly via video.

Bertrand Piccard
Solar Impulse

The series will be published regularly on Bertrand Piccard’s Social Media Channels (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) as well as on the Solar Impulse YouTube channel. We will not be able to reply to all the comments and questions but we will select a few of them on a regular basis.

On the first episode of this series, Bertrand replies to the comments by Leslie Stein (Facebook), Rudolf Riegler (Linkedin) and Niko Palosuo.

In January, Leslie Stein commented on facebook to a post made by Bertrand from the International Balloon Festival in Château-d’Oex:

On Linkedin, Bertrand praised Macron’s speech in favour of the environment and a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy at the Capitol Hill in Washington.

Rudolf Riegler commented: 

Finally, in the recent months we have increased the number of videos describing Solar Impulse actions but also more spontaneous videos recorded directly by Bertrand or someone traveling with him during his trips around the World. Niko Palosuo on Linkedin appreciated these videos on the post below and encouraged Bertrand to make more of them.

To watch what Bertrand replied to Leslie, Rudolf and Niko, watch the video below.

We thank you for your support and sharing your opinion on our social media channels. We look forward to using this tool as a way to interact and exchange with the community supporting Solar Impulse and Bertrand Piccard. So, keep the questions and comments coming!


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