Air Liquide working with the World Alliance to identify experts for selecting the 1000 solutions

As you know, we at the World Alliance have committed to selecting 1000 profitable solutions to protect the environment by COP 24 next year. In doing so, we will help decision makers in business and politics identify solutions that are financially and technically viable and move us away from the old, polluting and inefficient ones we use now.

solar impulse & air liquide

Air Liquide, the global leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health, are joining us today to help us in that mission, and we couldn’t be happier. They are making available almost 100 experts specialising in energy, water and materials that will identify and evaluate solutions submitted to the World Alliance for consideration. Air Liquide have a long history of developing successful and innovative products and services - you may have seen their Hydrogen fuel cell taxis travelling around Paris in recent years, but they are also involved in industries such as medical, chemical and electronic manufacturers - and their expertise in helping us to identify what ideas to select will be invaluable. Air Liquide will also become a partner to the Solar Impulse Foundation, continuing their support that first began in 2013 through the Solar Impulse project. We are happy to have them join us.


The World Alliance brings together the main actors in the field of clean technologies in order to create synergies that will ultimately speed-up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions which have the potential to address the environmental challenges of today.


Efficient Solutions are not limited to the production of renewable energy. They encompass products, services, clean technologies and processes that are profitable and sustain economic growth, while protecting the environment and optimising the use of natural resources.