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1000 Solutions — December 04, 2018

hiLyte, iron batteries bringing clean and affordable electricity to...

Written by Tristan Lebleu

In the clean energy transition, there are many approaches. Large scale complex initiatives are absolutely necessary. But there’s also a strong and urgent need for easy to deploy, cheap and simple projects like hiLyte’s innovative battery.The figures are absolutely staggering: over 1...

1000 Solutions — December 03, 2018

Eco Wave Power, turning the constant power of waves into electricity

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Think of a renewable source of energy that could be harnessed constantly to produce electricity. The sun? Goes down every night. Wind? Stops blowing now and then. Unlike other renewables, wave power is one of the most reliable energy sources on Earth, and could play a major role in the...

1000 Solutions — November 22, 2018

SkyBreathe, the fuel coach for pilots

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Without a doubt, aviation has been a key factor of human development and progress. It has allowed humans to travel all around the world and connect with one another. In 2017, over 4.1 billion passengers were carried by the world's airlines. However, for a sustainable future, air transport needs to tackle...

1000 Solutions — November 13, 2018

Flexibuster, turning waste into energy

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Remember that ending scene from Back to the Future? Doc pulls into a driveway and fills his car tank with trash. Wouldn’t it be nice to generate power from waste? SEaB, a UK-based startup, has developed a solution that does precisely that: turning waste into energy through...

1000 Solutions — October 29, 2018

Woodoo: wood is the new concrete

Written by Julie Conti

“If the 19th century was the age of iron, and the 20th the age of concrete... Then the 21st century will be the age of wood in construction” says Timothée Boitouzet CEO of Woodoo. Architect by profession, this French entrepreneur has replaced his pencils and blue prints by a lab coat to conceive an augmented...

1000 Solutions — October 19, 2018

Bound4Blue, rigid sails to make air the new fuel

Written by Tristan Lebleu

The Balueiro Segundo is a typical fishing vessel. Built in 2001, this bright red 40m long-liner, belongs to Orpagu (Organización de Palangreros Guardeses), a Spanish organization of longliners. Balueiro Segundo is about to get a radical change: at the end of the year, it will become...

1000 Solutions — October 15, 2018

PowerCorner, the power of sustainable mini-grids for rural villages

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Ketumbeine, a remote village in the northern Arusha region of Tanzania, is 36 kilometers away from the national grid. For years, the 800 inhabitants of Ketumbeine had no access to reliable, clean and safe energy, just like 38 million Tanzanians and still over 1.1 billion people across...

1000 Solutions — October 08, 2018

Who are the 50 first labelled Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions?

Written by Tristan Lebleu

There is still some hope on limiting global warming to 1.5°C, stated a report from the IPCC issued today. It will take a change of “no documented historic precedent” of our economic model, but it can be done. If we don’t, the report outlines the devastating effects on our planet. Indeed, adding just half a...

1000 Solutions — October 05, 2018

Meet a solution: Sion, the solar-powered car

Written by Tristan Lebleu

The Sion’s main innovation lies in its 330 solar cells, which are integrated on the exterior of the car and capture the sun’s energy throughout the day to provide a boost of up to 30km per day. The solar cells generate a maximum power of 1,204 watts with 24 percent efficiency. As the...

1000 Solutions — September 28, 2018

How to reduce cow’s impact on climate ?

Written by Julie Conti

And things could get much worse in the coming years, as dairy milk and beef global production is increasing every year. Indeed, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) & the FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2027 even projects a significant increase of 22% to the reference...

1000 Solutions — August 13, 2018

Lactips, a biodegradable alternative to plastic

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 2min read

The story behind Lactips is first and foremost about the encounter of two different worlds and two complementary people. Frédéric Prochazka, a researcher at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Université Jean Monnet, in Saint-Etienne (France), had developed a...

1000 Solutions — July 05, 2018

Zify, the daily carpooling app

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 1min read

In the US, according to the latest American Community Survey, over three quarters (76.3%) of commuters still drive to work alone in their cars. Surely, Americans have an intensive use of their cars, but the figure is still high in Europe: more than half of Swiss commuters (52,1%) drove to work in...

1000 Solutions — June 05, 2018

World Environment Day: Solutions to fight plastic pollution

Written by Tristan Lebleu

The Solar Impulse Foundation, and UN Environment have very similar approaches when it comes to protection of the environment: we believe in the importance to highlight solutions rather than problems.This is why a few weeks ago, in collaboration with UN Environment, we decided to launch a call for solutions...

1000 Solutions — May 31, 2018

Data: the key to make our air great again

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Air pollution is a silent killer. Every year, an alarming 7 million people die due to their exposure to polluted air, according to the World Health Organization’s most recent study on the topic, making it the fourth-largest cause of death worldwide. Globally, 9 out of 10 people breathe air that contains high...

1000 Solutions — March 20, 2018

MEET A MEMBER: Ludovic Deblois, CEO of Sunpartner Technologies

Written by Nathalie Berger

Ludovic Deblois is the CEO of Sunpartner Technologies, a company that manufactures transparent windows and facade structures with integrated photovoltaic cells. With its headquarters based in France, Sunpartner Technologies is among the first companies to design transparent windows capable of collecting energy...