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1000 Solutions — July 05, 2018

Zify, the daily carpooling app

Written by Tristan Lebleu - 1min read

In the US, according to the latest American Community Survey, over three quarters (76.3%) of commuters still drive to work alone in their cars. Surely, Americans have an intensive use of their cars, but the figure is still high in Europe: more than half of Swiss commuters (52,1%) drove to work in...

1000 Solutions — June 05, 2018

World Environment Day: Solutions to fight plastic pollution

Written by Tristan Lebleu

The Solar Impulse Foundation, and UN Environment have very similar approaches when it comes to protection of the environment: we believe in the importance to highlight solutions rather than problems.This is why a few weeks ago, in collaboration with UN Environment, we decided to launch a call for solutions...

1000 Solutions — May 31, 2018

Data: the key to make our air great again

Written by Tristan Lebleu

Air pollution is a silent killer. Every year, an alarming 7 million people die due to their exposure to polluted air, according to the World Health Organization’s most recent study on the topic, making it the fourth-largest cause of death worldwide. Globally, 9 out of 10 people breathe air that contains high...

1000 Solutions — March 20, 2018

MEET A MEMBER: Ludovic Deblois, CEO of Sunpartner Technologies

Written by Nathalie Berger

Ludovic Deblois is the CEO of Sunpartner Technologies, a company that manufactures transparent windows and facade structures with integrated photovoltaic cells. With its headquarters based in France, Sunpartner Technologies is among the first companies to design transparent windows capable of collecting energy...

1000 Solutions — March 19, 2018

Our challenge to Mexico: solutions to make for a cleaner, more...

Written by Rémy Kalter

His trip will include a conference and panel discussion hosted at the Club de industriales, where he will be joined by - amongst others - members of two startups - Sistema Bio and Kinetech Power Systems  - and the main cleantech multiplier in the city, Green Momentum.Kinetech Power Systems have developed...

1000 Solutions — February 02, 2018

Bring your solutions to power Europe’s cities

Written by Rémy Kalter

The EU Covenant of Mayors is the world’s biggest urban climate and energy initiative. It currently counts over 7,500 signatories - local and regional authorities encompassing some 230 million people - voluntarily committed to implementing climate and energy objectives on their territories. As the World...

1000 Solutions — January 19, 2018

The World Alliance in India: innovation everywhere

Written by Rémy Kalter

“If you want to renew your faith in the creative spirit of human beings, leave your comfort zone and visit India.”That was the message from Bertrand Piccard following his visit to India as the World Alliance team continues its efforts to identify clean and profitable solutions from around the world. In the...

1000 Solutions — December 13, 2017

Collaborating with Occitanie to accelerate the energy transition in...

Written by Solar Impulse

To finish off this very fruitful year, the World Alliance signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Occitanie Region - which stands at the forefront of renewable energy and clean technologies in France, and strongly encourages and empowers its territories and citizens to become actors of the energy...

1000 Solutions — November 29, 2017

Le compte à rebours a démarré

Written by Bertrand Piccard

Vous rêvez des Fiji, ces îles paradisiaques situées en plein milieu du Pacifique Sud ? Cela tombe bien. Elles organisaient cette année la COP 23, la 23ième conférence des Nations Unies sur le climat, mais… à Bonn, en Allemagne. C’est donc en Germanie que débarque le 12 novembre l’équipe de la Fondation Solar...